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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Teen Titans.
five more seconds;
I didn't post on this earlier, so I will now.

Most of you know that I have a Teen Titans fetish. I love the damn show. I almost never miss it, even when it's repeats. and it is ALL skittlesama's fault. *eyes Rachel suspicously*

...But yeah. It's not the typical series that makes me weepy. I cry, ALOT watching Tv, playing games, et centra. You know. XD But Teen Titans doesn't make me cry. It isn't sad.

...Except today. OMG. T____T I LIKED TERRA. Okay? I thought she was cool, and it rocked how she didn't like... go after Robin. Her boy was BB. Which was great.

...I wasn't expecting her to pull a Blank on us.

I weeped. Like, a lot. Full-on weepage. T____T Poor Terra. And we'll never see her again, because TV series always have ADD when it comes to characters that get trapped places. u___U

...I dun wanna clean anymore. *whinge*

..yeah. That's all then. for now. back to... stuff.

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I saw this ep awhile ago, so it's had time to sink in. But yeah, it was pretty sad. And don't knock the DCAU - I wouldn't count Terra out just yet. ('Course I've been following these productions for olmost 12 years now, so ... whatever....)

I suppose the fact that all the episodes are like, off sequence-feeling to me, would be why I'm like 'well...she won't be back.' I like hoping though. Terra upped my percentage of Teen Titans females I could stand to two!

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