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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
I have a page and a half of my Shuin/Yuna fic done. What's funny is I was originally going one direction with it, but then I read this Shuin/Yuna fic on FF.net (Which, as bad as it was in some parts, the concept was decent, and as OOC as Yuna was at some points, it was decent.), and I thought up a new idea. Which works easier for me. I have simply DISPLACED Yuna and Lenne.

..So, while Yuna and Shuin are shagging a thousand years ago, Lenne and Tidus are in the 'here and now' going 'OMGWTFJUSTHAPPENED?!?!?!'

...Okay, so there isn't any shagging yet. But I think there will be. Since I planned the whole scene out in my head. Varis=Smutty mind. I should write it down though. So I don't lose it. I've got all this fun flowery vision in my brain.... It makes me happy. ^___^ My fic muse has returned to me! After four years of being lost in the abyss, she's back! *Chains her to the computer* STAY WOMAN! *Fic muse squeaks*

..and I probably won't be on tomorrow. I have major packing to do. Leik Woah. So, if I don't post before Sunday, I'll miss you all, and I'll be back online with College updates soon as I can!!! <333333333

And don't forget _foreverfantasy starts next week! Friday! As long as College permits! Chracters are still open! We have NO FF7 leading cast! It's all like... Aerith and Cait Sith. That's IT for leading cast. There is no Cloud. There is no Tifa. There is something very wrong with that.

....Need more FF6 characters too, man. People. Play the game. Give Brad's poor lonely characters friends.

Soooo....yes. I should go to sleep. But I want to write more. But I have to get up tomorrow and pack. *sighs* *Goes to flip a coin*

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Fic Muses are so evil. Mine turned my fic into a novel I haven't touched in almost two years. Argh.

I want to be Cloud but I'm scared I'll play him badly. Plus I already have two characters. >_>

Eeee. Mine gave me two FF9 fics, one of which promised to be novel length (The other, which was most popular, only had about another three chapters to go.), and kind of petered out before I got to all the good parts. I actually got a 'death threat' in my Email for not finishing it. I plan to re-write them some day, because I was reading them the other day...and booooy my descriptive and grammar sucked. o___o

I wouldn't even be able to start to know where Cloud's personality was. From what I've played of FF7, he has none that I've seen. Other than getting confused around girls.

..But really, I don't care how many characters people pick up. As long as it's less than fifteen. o__o

I have like... um... over fifteen for the AU Harry Potter type thing Amy and I have. XD We just recycle the characters.

Meh, there are a bunch of different views on Cloud, so I guess it doesn't matter. >_> I can make him angst all over the place, he can be Squall/Leon's clone...

I would love to RP one of the characters from FF6 or Cloud.

Unfortunately, important examinations call.


*Patpat* I get the feeling that most of them will still be open after you exams. Look us up when you get done with the schoolin' eh?

>>; I had a chance to buy FFV/VI when I was looking for a copy of FFIX (Which I didn't find, thus spending 15min on my knees in EB searching was for nothing) but I opted to buy The Bouncer and a used copy of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

And yeah, we need some of the other lead characters.
Cuz RP - Cloud = Odd.

Bad! No cookie for you!


....You didn't find FFIX at EB? Weeeeeeird.

Yay for The Bouncer though. Whee! Sion! =D! The Sora+5 years. Totally. Anyone who's played The Bouncer, KNOWS. Sion -IS- Sora. ....their names even have the same number ofletters. and start with 'S' *gasps*

...Yeah. I'm also '=/' about the lack of Wakka and Lulu...and Irvine and Selphie... =/

I know it's weird! Especially seeing as they had EVERY other FFgame released for the PSX there.
So pissed me off.

And yesh, Sion is the prety-prety older Sora. x3

No Cloud? Umm...Umm...Errr...Why not get Zack?

....Eh? o_o dood. I don't know these characters. I'm on the first disc of FF7. Zack, aside from the name, I know not. 'Sides. Can't get a character if no one applies for 'em.

Lol yes we can...Using my magic machine

Fear not. I'll pick up Cloud for ya. That way I have two of the most awesomest characters, Cloud and Freya.

I just need Icons. *pokes* Because my PSP decied to rot when it couldn't find it's Toolbars that I conveniently (accidentally) misplaced and cannot retrieve.

*is on the Eflon*

So are you taking Cloud, or am I? XD

Cloud? Oh no dear. He is SO mine. Now I can claim to have exlusive rights to raping him at all hours of the night. ^_^ *smut!*

He's got a Livejournal now. All the credit can be given to Aristide for making it pretty and all.

View Cloud's journal here. Icons to come >_>

Oh, I see then. My mistake.

Sephiroth will be looking forward to meeting again.

I expect doomy RP of Doomness. With fries.

Would you like extra doom with that? >D


Yes, please. And make sure to Super-Size it, Kthx. XD

Super-Size Doom with Extra Doom and a side of Fries RP, coming right up.

Go poke around my icon journal. herbskillz I've got a few AC Cloud icons poking around. Those will sate you until I can whip up some sparkly ones, yes?

Varis I'm so sorry! I won't be able to make it until Monday next week cause I'll probably be going to a Live Action Fantasy Role Playing thing (yay swordfights!) in Connecticut!
But I will be there! Muahaha, be afraid Tidus-RPer! Daddy's back *scary evil grin*

(*sweatdrop* that was so wierd)

It's fine Maggie! I don't expect everyone to be instantly active with RP and posting a bazillion logs the second the game opens. (Although, I'm sure there's some out there who've already begun to RP, so they can be the first with logs. XD) You have fun at your LARP!

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