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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Is it sad that when I type 'ShuinxYuna' or 'Shuin/Yuna' the first things that pop up are like... my journal and a post that Vanessa made in the Squaresoft comm?

...And then everything else is just... bleh. Nothing. u__U VARIS WANTS SHUIN/YUNA FANFICTION DAMMIT!

....Because, she's having issues trying to think of a way to start her own. She's got like.. the middle of it written. But the beginning isn't working. She needs to find a way to get both Lenne and Tidus out of the picture. At least for a while. But....it's not WORKING. u__U

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>.> It was a joke *waves arms* CLONE SEX!!!

Joke? what is this joke you speak of?
*....Varis doesn't getr it. Varis is braindead. Duuuurh*

.........kay? No more sugar for you.

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