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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Is it sad that when I type 'ShuinxYuna' or 'Shuin/Yuna' the first things that pop up are like... my journal and a post that Vanessa made in the Squaresoft comm?

...And then everything else is just... bleh. Nothing. u__U VARIS WANTS SHUIN/YUNA FANFICTION DAMMIT!

....Because, she's having issues trying to think of a way to start her own. She's got like.. the middle of it written. But the beginning isn't working. She needs to find a way to get both Lenne and Tidus out of the picture. At least for a while. But....it's not WORKING. u__U

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Put Lenne and Tidus together :-P Btw, they're pretty easy to find on fanfiction.net under romance in X-2. There's actually a few of them. One I saw had it so the Fayth messed up and sent Shuyin instead oTidus at the end of X-2

Absolutely not. I refuse to write anything that would even allude to Tidus and Lenne being together.

....And I've seen the so-called fanfiction of FF.net. They're crap. All of them.

... Lenne and Tidus are conviently nonexistant at that moment in time? 8D

*eyeshift* That's actually what I thought up and am going with. Only, I have an explination as to why they're non-existant. Muahha.

I think you're lying. You just say you have an explanation. Really, though, you don't have a clue. Muah ha ha. I win.


Yay!~ Shuin/Yuna. <3333 Mwahaha.

Shuin X Yuna? Bah. Shuin X Tidus...Thats clone sex.

...But... I like ShuinxYuna. o__o

...It's not really clone sex though. Neither one of them is really a clone. You could say that the Fayth modeled Tidus after Shuin, but there's differances too.

...And I'm terrible at writing Slash anyway. And even worse at pairing Tidus to anyone other than Yuna. My brain doesn't work it.

>.> It was a joke *waves arms* CLONE SEX!!!

Joke? what is this joke you speak of?
*....Varis doesn't getr it. Varis is braindead. Duuuurh*

.........kay? No more sugar for you.

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