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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;

I decided 'hey, I'll pick up FF8!' an hour ago. In my adventure to try and get the PS to work, I discovered that slot 1 of my PS2 no longer reads PS memory cards. I blame it on having a Gameshark shoved in slot one for the past three weeks nonstop.

...I have also come to the conclusion that the PS Gameshark disc that comes with the PS2 disc when you buy it, SUCKS. And doesn't work. EVER. and I should just stop trying to use it and be a non-cheater like all the good little boys and girls.

...Also, instead of being SANE and starting a new game, I started my very first FF8 game up. Disc 3, Lunatic Pandora.

...Only, I wasn't where I remembered being. It SEEMS that when I stopped playing for a while I picked it up and played further (Or, my stepbrother did.), and... Well, I wasn't in Lunatic Pandora when I started it up. I was somewhere in the middle of Centra, going '...WTF?'

...I don't know what's up with my levels. Squall is level 35, Rinoa is 23, and Quistis is 21. Everyone else is... much lower than that. Selphie is like.. 15. Irvine is about the same as Rinoa, and Zell is 20. Ayah.

...And as it turns out, I BEAT Fujin and Raijin in Lunatic Pandora. Although, it took me a half hour to figure out how to GET to Lunatic Pandora, as I had left.

...When I got there, and ran around a lot, Fujin and Raijin sicked this..thing on me. and it killed me. A lot. So, I decided that was enough FF8 for now.

....And there is a spider the size of a quarter in my room. I tried to squash it, but it was too quick. Damn. Hopefully it scuttled under the notebook on the floor that I stepped on, and not elsewhere. I'd rather discover it dead than eat it in my sleep... =/ Eeeew...... Maybe I just won't sleep tonight. o__O

But yeah. Whee. And stuff.

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So bleh. >_>


Someday. When my levels don't suck. >_>

...XD I've found, if all else fails, making Squall commit suicide can be a very effective way to get rid of Fujin. I think that's how I beat her. Raijin is nothing. It's Fujin that's the pain in the ASS. *Glares in Fujin's direction*

It's the whole magic thing. Raijin just beats you silly with a pool noodle compared to what Fuujin can do.

OMG! I'm not the only one who thinks his stick looks like a pool noodle!!! XD!!!!

...Yeah. And he's got that thing about hitting girls. Plus, cast dark on him, and he's pratically useless. Fujin though.. o__o Not only is she doomy with the wind magic, she's got those buzzsaw-like attacks going on. o___o

If we ever get a Raijin, Zell is going to make pool noodle comments.

... I'm an idiot. I totally keep forgetting to cast dark. I'm so dependant on GF's I'm like... 'MAGIC?! WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?! 8D'

I'd be surprised if my party remembers their name after some of the battles I put them through. SummonSummonSummon...

...I'll have to find a Raijin now. XD

...Yeah. I think I was the same way, but FFX-2 has spoiled me with strategizing with magic, and I started up 8, expecting the monsters to wait paitently while I figured out how I was going to kill them...they so didn't. GFs are gooood though. XD I didn't remember the 'boost' command at first though. Then I was like '...Oh! I can make them stronger!' XD

....*Snorfle* You know, that whole memory loss thing never added up to me. I'd think that like, all the characters would be like Alzheimers paitents after the first disc.

'...What are we doing again?'
'..Um.. saving....ah....saving... um. The chick. Yeah.'
'...What chick?'
'....Uh....That one?'
'...She doesn't look like she needs to be saved though dude.'
'....Oh. Job well done?'
'Rightous. Starbucks?'
'.....Who are you?'


FFX was the first FF game I played. Then it was IX, and I was all 'WTF IS UP WITH THE BATTLE SYSTEM OMG.'

Then I moved onto VIII. With the Junctioning crap. 'OMG SCREW THIS.'

Then finally VII, with the Materia. '... God damn it.'

So yes. Everyone I know hates the X system, but I hate the other ones because I get all flustered trying to go 'OMG I'M GOING TO DIE SUMMON SUMMON.'

And as such, my characters don't even remember their own names. 8D Most likely.

That needs to be written as a fic.

XD IX was the first one I played. Then I got VIII and VII for my birthday from my sister, so I was like 'Rock on!' and put in VIII, and was all like 'WHY ARE THERE THREE CHARACTERS ONLY?!?!?!?!?' then there was the Junctioning... You know, I only figured out how to do that last year. And I've had the game for about three years. XD I couldn't figure out what to do with Junctioning... VII... gawd. I just... cried. Weeped.

Then X came out, and I was like 'Sweet!' and got all comfortable with that system and hated all the others. NOW I'm used to X-2's system, and I hate all the other systems. XD

....If it isn't already, I'll really have to try and write it sometime. XD

When I first played VIII I said fuck junctioning and just tried to use attack...

I didn't get very far in that game.

VII... um... I didn't have too many problems with that one, surprisingly. Until I got to the desert prison. I'm still stuck there, actually, looking for that fucking carriage. >_>

I got IX before I had a PS memory card, so I only got so far without saving before I died and it was game over. XD

I got IX before I had a PS memory card too. XD I usually got about as far as the Sealion battle in the Ice cavern. But yeah. I fixed that quick.

..I got stuck.. somewhere in VII...um.. The Temple of the Ancients, I think? Yeah. Guh. I had to restart. I think I'm at the desert Prison now though in the new game. XD

Yeah, I was... um... I think I was past the Ice Cavern and in that town... and had to fight something before I could leave it to get on the air ship type thinger.

Dunno. Haven't touched the game since. XD

Yooosh. XD Dali. You were fighting Black Waltz #2. *Didn't play FFIX manymany times, noooo.*

...You haven't gotten much farther than that! T__T You missed my favorite Black Waltz! #3! He's the best! He goes crazy and you have to kill him! XD

...Yeah. I beat IX the first time in three days. I....didn't sleep. o_____o


Maybe I'll go and restart it after I finish up VIII... XD

XD Fuuun. If you ever need help with IX, I've got the Guide of Doom for that...

..I bought it before I actually had the game, because I went through this phase where I read strategy guides on games I couldn't buy because I didn't have the systems that supported them, and read them like storybooks. o________O; I only actually did that with two games though. XD IX and Resident Evil Code:Veronica. XD!

I usually don't get strategy guides for games until after I'm playing them and am stuck in some weird part. Like in X I couldn't figure out the farkin' Djose temple, so I got the guide. XD

KH... um... I think I called my ex's sister and went 'OMG WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO KNOW?' and waited until she stopped laughing to tell me.

That be now, not know... *thunkdiegiggle*

I usually don't buy them until after I've beaten the game once, or get stuck somewhere, if I can help it. The two N64 Zelda games I had to get guides for, as I got stuck in the Water and 'third' temples, respectively.

...Umm.. FFX I never got a guide for. XD I did print off cheat sheets though, for certain things like, how to get the ultimate weapons and things.

...KH I never got a guide for, but I printed off, in it's entirety, the guide they have on Gamefaq.com. XD I only actually used it to figure out where I was supposed to be going in Tarzan's Jungle *2#@#$%$#* and how to find all the Dalmation puppies.

X-2 though... o__o I beat it once, with like.. 45% completion, and I got the crappy 'normal' ending. so then I went and got the guide, although I got it at the mall. I bought the game at Wal-Mart the day it came out.. but I had to go somewhere that wasn't Wal-Mart to get the guide, because the guy who sold the game to me asked me if I wanted to get the guide too...and I laughed at him. o__o I needed the guide.

I bought X-2 imported three days before it came to the US. Because I'm deranged like that.

I never got farther than chapter two. XD But I do have a walkthrough!

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