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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
I have gotten two and a half boxes packed today. Whee. The half is...a rather large box that all my clothes are going into... I'm done with that mostly, but I'm waiting for all my blacks to get done being cleansed by the washing contraption. My cat peed on my 'A Pirate's life for me' shirt... u__U My fault, I suppose. I left it in the spot she always pees in my room, and I've been letting her sleep in here, because I feel bad, as we probably will have to put her to sleep, because I can't get a hold of Shawna OR Becky. Effing christ. The only two people who I know would actually put up with the cat, and I can't reach them.

This is really depressing though. Mimi is ten years old. I've had her since I was eight. Mom gave her to me, after Milo died. I have been the only person other than my mother who's loved that cat. I know my stepmother hates her, she never even touches her, because she's afraid Mimi'll bite her. (Mimi only bites you when you do something she doesn't like. She is a good cat goddammit.) Dad...well, he's never had much love for the cats. He's more a dog person.

And Mimi hasn't exactly had it easy. Once mom died, I was the only person around who'd be able to pet her for a long amount of time without getting bitten. She hasn't bitten anyone for a while...but she's started doing it again.

She's been having trouble jumping too. She used to be up on counters, beds, whatever all the time. I watched her try and get to her old favorite perch atop Dad's couch the other day, I really didn't think she was going to make it. She crashed into the arm and flailed her way to the top of the couch. I....don't know what's wrong. And dad's just ignoring my insisting that there's more to her 'becoming a dirty disgusting animal' Because she isn't which he doesn't understand. Some animals may just let themselves go, but Mimi is NOT that type of cat. She is intelligent. I don't fucking care what people say about animals not having a soul and not being to understand, because that is BULLSHIT. Animals have souls, and some of them are capable of comprehending. She is one of those animals.

Case in point? When dad told me he was going to kill her, I told her, and showed her, that she needed to use the litterbox. She is almost always using it now. She doesn't pee in dad's room anymore, or in the livingroom, despite what dad says, she isn't. I know this because the only time when she isn't with me she's downstairs in the litterbox.

She peed in the dryer the other day. Yes, okay. You know WHY?! because JAN left the dryer open, and the door hangs over the litterbox. Mimi has issues with going around things, so the alternative was the dryer.

If they'd stop obstructing things, we wouldn't have a fucking problem. But they expect her to be like a human, move everything out of the way. Well, she can't. She's not as young as she used to be. But she's still a GOOD cat, and it's cruel to want to kill her because she pees everywhere. Because, clearly, she is NOT doing it anymore.

....I want to tell dad this, but he's just NOT listening. at all. It really upsets me. I don't want to lose that cat. I love her. She's the only living being left in this house that loves me too.

I'd bring her with me, if I could....

...And I'm crying again..great.

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My best friends dog was still somewhat of a puppy, and she chewed on the plants in their backyard sometimes. When my family went on vacation and my friend went with us, we came back and her mom had gotten rid of the dog.


...OMGWTF. Parents are so stupid. The hell? How would they like it if once they lose control of their bladders or their bodily functions we just put THEM to sleep? Sheeesh.

I know. They come up with the stupidest reasons for things. >_<;

You know I'd take her if she actually like me.. and if I didn't have two males already. Are you sure there is no way around it? Did you ask about pets at your collage, most do allow pets if there not dogs or maybe your room mates would be willing to sneak her in?

I really hope there's another way around it. Putting her to sleep just seems so cruel.

I hope you get a hold of somebody who'll take care of her. I'm a cat person too and I'd hate to see ANY feline get put to sleep like that... *Sob*

mrr. I love cats. If I didn't already have so many, I'd offer to keep her for a while. But as it is, Mum's not pleased with our human-to-animal ratio. We're cleary way out-numbered, should war break out between woman and feline.


I'm not good at sentimental stuff, sorry. But I love cats more than I love ANYTHING else (this includes my idiot for a ... yeah.) Jeffrey beats him hands down, and everyone knows it.

Cuz cats are gods. They live to be worshipped, and so they should be.

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