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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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I should really go to bed...
five more seconds;
Some randomness... XD

I have to say, I'm really getting excited for _foreverfantasy to start. The Pre-gaming is all sorts of fun, but I'm like 'WAI~ I WANNA PLAY LENNE!' and Yuna. And Quistis. And WHERE is Nick? Oy. I'm gonna have to poke him repeatedly so he knows the game's starting.

...Still have to finish RP with him. We started a Fujin/Seifer thing the other day. It promises to be interesting. XD

I need to get my stuff packed a lot. Tomorrow. u__U

MAJOR props to sumi for making the userinfo of _forvictory look pretty and not horrifying with my blatent inability to make tables work properly.

Also so glad that Trudy and Rachel picked up Sephy and Seymour. I wasn't looking forward to playing them. @___@

Maybe, on the ride down to the college Sunday I can get some typing of plot done, if I haven't finished and gotten it up by then.

...And it sounds like there is a cricket in the house... Chance prolly dragged one in. Great. -__-;;

..I'm gonna go sleep in a few. Would be wise. o__O

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*dances around* It's fun~ XD

It is fun. XD I so can't wait until actual gaming. XD!

I heard you made him a journal. Are you willing to e-mail me the password?

selphish[at]gmail.com <3

I knew I forgot to ask something...

ROFFLE. Do you wanna start up some RP, hon? >D

I sent it. XD Like... this morning, but I've been quasi-busy all day. o__o so didn't replyificationnesswhoo...


Anyone else open? Like, that you may need?

Like Auron OMG plez

..Umm... Lots of characters are open! Like.. Baralai, and Gippal, and Nooj, and...Braska...and... Uh. Amarant! and...um...Selphie. And....Seifer. And...ALL the 7-main characters, except Aerith and Cid.

...But, Auron isn't open. At the moment. Which may change. I don't know. Depends on if his current player decides if she can handle two characters or not.

Dude. Gippal.

*shiny eyes*

... *shifty eyes*

Doooooooooooooooooooooooooit. The sexy Machina Man compels thee.


Well I was originally playing Auron but I decided to give him up so I can play Jecht full time. However it is up to Varis you plays him instead.

You people scare me. o_o;

...the game hasn't even started and you're already scared?

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