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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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I'm a horrible procrastionater.
five more seconds;
I mean... I am leaving in less than a week. And I know I should be packing right now...

....But I'm not. I'm sitting here, setting up the journals for Sephiroth and Seymour. (ningyou and corrupted_fayth, just in case anyone is compelled to come to my rescue and play these characters. At the moment Vanessa and I will be NPCing them. Yes, Vanessa. You have to help.)

...Also walking Maggie through the setup process of journalage. Whee.

...I really should start packing though. Folding up clothes, at least. u__U *pulls the box towards her* I'm never gonna be done.

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Wai. *flails*

I'll try my best, but really. I have no idea what their characters are like. >__>;

Join the club. XD I was thinking of doing Ultimecia a journal too, but I'm kind of afraid to go near that one, considering the only time I've actually seen the character is briefly when she's possessing Rinoa in that place...with the stuff... o__o *NEEDS to finish 8!* *@__@*

... Sephiroth sounds tempting. Maybe if I can talk Trudy into Seymour...

I would glee, and love you both. So much. XD

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