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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Kay. So it's a little sad that I keep refreshing Yahoo hoping for new applications to pop up.

u___U I'm excited. And waiting for a Rikku app. Which I'm also excited about, as I was just about to pimp on random communities that I needed a Rikku. So, if her app is good, YAY Rikku!

We have so many characters now! o__o I'm like *YAY!*

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I was going to ask, but then I thought I might be a character whore.

I might app FFXish Cid sometime, though. I heart supporting characters from the X series. XD

Um. Yeah, ask about Rikku. I'm so ambigious.

I figured. XD

...YAY FFX-ish Cid!

...Don't worry about being a character whore though. I have three characters. XD

Amy suggested I apply for Rikku, when I was still trying to pick a character. Playing two bouncy blondes would sound repetetive in my ears though. XD

..XD! I was going to suggest you app Rikku if you couldn't think of anyone. Mostly because of the whole 'Riku' 'Rikku' thing, because my brain works like that sometimes. XD

My boyfriend thinks I'm talking about Rikku everytime I bring up Riku. XD

Me: And Riku...
Jason: FFX-2 Rikku?
Me: ... If I were playing a sexy blonde chick, then sure, I'd talk about her, but as I play the OTHER Riku, just ASSUME I mean him.
Jason: ... *smirk* So X-2?

I nearly hit him while he drove the last time he pulled this. XD Made our friend in the backseat spazz.


My friend Jen was the same way when I first started playing KH. I was like 'So then, Riku....' and she'd be like 'OMG! RIKKU IS INKH?!?!?!??!!' XD

Damn Square. They did this on purpose to confuse us with names! XD

We've gotten them as Rik A and Rikku B. Only he understands the logic though. I just try not to beat him over the head.

I'm such a nice girlfriend XD;;

I dunno what this is for exactly but if its FFX, FFX-2 I'm game! If there available I'd love to play Paine, Auron, or Jecht (I love Jecht!). Shuyin or Lenne would be fun to, I'm totally ok with playing either sex.

_foreverfantasy Check it out, My dahlink. As for the C's you listed, Auron and Jecht are free. It's a Multi-FF game. So yesh. Paine was taken the other day, and the two mods (Moi and heygingersnap are playing Shuin and Lenne. XD

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