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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Personally, as nervous as I am to be going to College, I'm glad too. The drama that presents itself around Brewer... I just... Wish to be free of it.

I realize I'll still HEAR of Jen's many failed attempts at love, and that there will always be a myraid of druggies, and that the Band will have a rebellion and whatever... but I won't BE here. It'll be like a fascinating little sitcom that I can turn on when it's on, and just let it float away when I feel like watching something else.

I just hope I don't attract more drama in Manchester.

Anyway. I talked to the RA of my floor at the college today, she was really nice. Turns out I don't have to get up at four AM to get to the College by registration. Also turns out that there aren't a whole lot of people on my floor, so WHOOH! PARTEH!
...Or, you know, I won't be kept up until ungodly o'clock because people in other rooms are being loud.

...Also, since we've got a Quad, that means we've got an extra bed. Which means, if it's cool with the roomies, I can harbour fugitives, if ever needed.

...Also known as friends who come to visit. o__o Hahaha.

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Ah Brewer, the angst capital of Maine, were the work force sucks, the restaurants are crappy and the general populous bites.

But we all it's really angsting over the fact that it can't be "The Queen City" Berwer's Lesbian lover. Poor dear. And bless you for getting out ASAP.I need at lest one sane friend after Shawna left me to play lesbians with Becky.

Good luck though, and umm, I'll try visiting depending on where I go to collage myself.

And no, I’m not drunk, just a bit angsty/depressed. But I’ll be better when my prescriptions been refilled, I assure you.


Eeeee again. I need to call Shawna. I need to give her Mimi, so dad doesn't kill her while I'm gone. u__U

Mmm. Drugs. @__@ Personally. I'd like to be drunk right now. I go see if there is any open alcoholic beverage in fridge now.

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