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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
So. Plans fall through AGAIN thanks to the brilliance of people who shall remain nameless.

..As a result, another day wasted. I haven't packed at all. I have less than a week before College, and I have one fucking box packed. Argh.

...I reformatted my Gameshark. Turns out that's all it needed. Downside is I have to re-enter my FFX-2 codes now. I'll probably do that after I get to college at some point. Once I beat X again.

....So, yeah. Got past the Kissing scene in FFX. I...really love that scene. Despite the fact that Hedy Burgess SUCKS at fake-crying noises. Yuna sounds more like she's laughing than crying.

And we're looking at next weekend as the day that _foreverfantasy offically begins. Hopefully they'll have the internet connection up and running in my dorm room by then. Otherwise, it'll be pushed back.

...Gonna go downstairs and get food then I think I may play some FF8...

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Hey... The only thing I could really offer would be that I may be able to drive up and get you this Sat. evening if you'd like and drop you off at yer dorm and stuff... >_>

If you'd like me to do that then I'll e-mail you my celly number and you can call me later (like... later as in after 6.30ish cuz that's when I get out of work.) or something... or you could e-mail me yer number cuz for some odd reason I can a. not find it and b. not remember it. cuz I'm dumb... of course I don't even remember my home phone # cuz I have it saved to my phone...


But yeah. I'm sure I can swindle the car for a day or so... if you want... I'm sure it would be more fun if I came and got you then if your parents brought you down... maybe. I dunno.


As good as that would be, I'mma have to decline. Considering I've gotta bring all dorm roomy stuffs, that's several large boxes which will fit better in Parental Figure's Explorer. But we'll have to get together when I'm down there. Ohyes.

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