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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
So, I had to tell our newbie off. I hope I wasn't too mean. o__O I hate being mean. I know that some people would think otherwise, but really. If I can avoid being mean, I will.

...Anyway. I'm now wanting to pick up FF8. Guh. @__@ I blame this on browsing icons for a lot of time. And remembering parts of the game fondly. And reckoning I may kidnap a FF8 character in FF. (And no, it's not who you'd think.)

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My friend has also taken an interest in FF, and is considering applying for Edea. She wanted me to ask you if she'd be allowed to play the nice, non-possessed version of her. ^_^;

Mmmm. Tell her to go for it. Good!Edea is great.

If anything, you were to nice! The kid didn't even know what RP stood for. I read that question and considered beating my head into a wall just to forget it.

I know what you mean about 8 though, Thanks to Krystal I've started a new file and for some odd reason, I've developed a likening to Selfie that I never had.

On another note, how are bad guys going to work out in the RPG? Are the mods going to be playing them all or are you going to assign them to trusted RPers?
Oh, and I added Boko (8) and Fat Chocobo (7) to the summons list. I'm still debating adding Griever, Neo Bahamut or Bahamut Zero though.

...I actually did beat my head against a wall. u__U;;;;;;;;

XD I'm thinking after I move some boxes of stuff downstairs I'll start it up. May just start at the beginning again, as I can't remember what I was doing last time I played. o__o I think I was in Galbadia facing Cerberus, or something.

Hm. I'm thinking, as far as referances go, add 'em, but they really shouldn't be summonable. They're all ridiculiously powerful. It's like... Final Aeon powah! so...no.

..Oh yeah. The baddies. *Duuugh* Varis just woke up, nevermind her. @___@ Anyway, I'm thinking the modly powers will just be NPCing them until someone wants to pick them up.

Aw, I don't think Neo Bahamut should be off-limits. It's not like DOOMpower, just a bit stronger than the original Bahamut. Which... if it's the one from X or X-2, and you spent 60+ hours training him and the other Aeons... it would be insane.....

Have you decided what summons are coming from which games? I think that might be sort of... important.. later on. *shrug*

And, newbies suck. Don't join an RPG if you don't know what "RPG" stands for. Honestly. Reading about that makes my head hurt, and I haven't even checked the actual post made by said idiot yet. @_@

..I think, that he'll be offlimits anyway. Cuz, you know, having TWELVE Bahamuts running around... MAY raise questions. and be like *WTF?* @__@

I haven't. o__o Most of the core summons will probably be X though, because I like their character designs best. XD *Shallow*

...What I don't get is, how she could be interested in joining an RP, ABOUT an RPG, and NOT know what it stands for. It's right on the side of the case, isn't it?

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