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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;

YunaxShuinxTidusxLenne is FOUR people. Four does not a Triangle make. A Triangle has THREE sides. THREE. There is no fourth 'secret' side. Four makes a SQUARE. or a RECTANGLE, or a Parallagram, if you so wish. Whatever. You do not have a LOVE TRIANGLE you have a LOVE SQUARE.

Please. If you don't even know basic SHAPES which you learn in PRESHOOL don't write fiction. Your improper grammar and inability to form intelligent thought makes me angst.

I'd say there are acceptions to this, but there really arn't. Every single fic I've seen with YxTxSxL 'love triangle' is just... utter drivel.

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It makes a LOT more sense as two completely different triangles. Well, not even triangles. In order to have a triangle, you must have three sides, but all you have is three points and two sides. It always did irk me that people called it a love triangle. As in order to be a love triangle, at least one person must me bi.

Anyway, yeah, two triangles, ShuinxYuna and Lenne and YunaxTidus and Shuin.

Amen to that, I mean, if they can post the crappy fics in the first place, you'd think they'd at lest know basic maths/shapes.

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