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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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I fanfic, you fanfic, we all fanfic.
five more seconds;
I've gotten this sudden powerful urge to start two new fanfics.

...Of course, knowing Varis's undiagnosed ADD, we'll see how far I get in these. First one will be AU YunaxShuin (Because, you know. *GLEE!* and AU is the only world I can figure to put it in.) and the other is gonna be a ShuinxLenne I've been reckoning on for a while, I just never started it. I've got it in my mind to do so now.

....aaaaalso. Working on 'timelines' for each game in _foreverfantasy I'm pondering how long each world has been going on with life post!designated FF game before the merger takes place. My ponderment is Spira!Verse is three-six months after FFX-2(+Perfect Ending.), Gaia!Verse, I'm thinking.. two years or so, (To give Zidane time to come back from the 'dead' and all.), and yeah... 8!verse.. I'm thinking... same amount of time as Spira!Verse? o__O I'll put this up to our resident 8 folks. So yeah. Yuzu and Vanessa. XD Since they're the only 8 characters. u___U;;

7!verse... Nissa, thoughts on this? I haven't played past first disk of 7, so I don't know. I was thinking two-three years after, which would make it a year before Advent Children. 6...Brad, all up to you. 6 is your pimpmobile.

....Now, excuse me. I'm going to go do some thread trimming, then I'll get to work on the fanfic.

...Or go pick blackberries with the stepmother. Depends on how long said chores are gonna take.

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