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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
So, it seems I've got my first newbies. @__@ I'm working on making an application.

yesal has also suggested a very good explination as to Seymour's motive to get out of the Farplane. heygingersnap and I are going with his idea. ^__^

We're also thinking that as far as the merging of the worlds goes, and cities popping up, well, we reckon Zanarkand will be making a return. As well as Old Besaid, and a few of the other Machina cities.

Why? Well, my theory is that along with the merger of the other worlds with the rip in the Farplane/Lifestream (As I'm going with the theory that all the afterlives are connected, and thus, everyone who dies in the previous FF games, end up in the Farplane), not only would the people find themselves outside of the Farplane and among the living (Not all of them mind. To avoid overpopulating Spira, some of the 'weaker souls' ended up as wandering spirits rather than corperal forms, and will end up as fiends.), but some of those cities that perished would resurface. Because cities die too, y'know?

...Okay, and I really want Zanarkand. >.> But yeah. Whee!


..C'mon F-list. You know you wanna.

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Funny how most of the newbies want to play Rinoa.

I'm curious about the plot though and I have a few thoughts on the matter. ~_~ So I might stalk you some time soon on AIM so we can chat.

Also, permission to pimp out the community once an application form is ready? I have a few RPers/FF fen that might be interested.

I know. u__U BUT, Yuzu's got her, and that's not changing.

Aaaye. Am open to stalking. XD

Mmm. Pimping is good.

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