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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Memeage gackt from dawgstar
five more seconds;

the scar you're most proud ofI have no scars that are really apparent.
your favourite condimentKetchup
if you have frecklesYes, but not that many.
your preferred method of cookingMicrowave.
what shoes you're wearingNone! o_o barefoot.
how many children you have..none. I'm 18 and not a whore, kthx.
the first person you french kissed...No one?
your preferred breed of dogGolden Retriever
where you were bornWorcester, Massachucetts
what colour underwear you're wearing...White?
where your keys are right nowIn my purse. Downstairs.
if you have split endsI don't THINK so. I really haven't a clue how to check.
when you last got laid....never?
your opinion on airline foodDepends on the airline. Virgin Airline makes great food. All the rest... eeeeh.
what cosmetic surgery you would considerlypo, probably.
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex on....o_O
your worst malady...I had a cyst once? Does that count? other than that... the flu?
if your mum loves your dad...Um. My mum is dead. Although, she loved him while she was alive. o_o
if you can sing wellDUH. I am the best singer in the UNIVERSE. Okay, not really. But six years of vocal training has paid off.
what your olympic event would be...Olympic Video Game competition. *nods* Never mind it doesn't exist.
someone you admireI really don't know.
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a map...I don't know. One of the obscure African countries, probably.
the last time you cried....beginning of the week? I was playing X and got all emotional. XD
your most interesting sexual congress location....um?
part of the Sunday papers you read firstFunnies.
the languages you speakEnglish. Partial Spanish, fragmented Japanese, and I can swear in French.
the religion you were raised inChristian, Methodist.
if you can draw wellI can draw all right. I haven't praticed for a while though.
your favourite photographI always liked my Mum's wedding photo.
what you should be doing instead of thisgetting dressed so that I'm ready to go to the doctor with Dad.


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THANK CHRIST. SOMEONE ELSE YELLING at someone for breaking DIVS with their SHITTY ASS MemeGens ...


@____@ I posted a huge rant about a few weeks ago. Five minutes later, ANOTHER meme posted outside an LJ cut. GRRRR. My layout does NOT like the memes!

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