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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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...I'm such a bad person.
five more seconds;
I like to torture my characters. I like to torture other peoples' characters by torturing my characters. Kinda.

...XD I get too much enjoyment out of playing Yuna. I'm so innocent. *Halo*

So, I moved Zanna upstairs, and GEEZ is he heavy. o__O The Tower wasn't that bad, it weighed maybe fifteen pounds, but the frigging monitor! O__o it was like... thirty pounds. Well, it's upstairs now, at least. I need to get dressed. Can't be in jammies all day. Going to the doctor at two. They need my arm for something. I'm like 'o__o' they have to put something on it. P..something or other.

...anyway. shutting down now. have to get ready... then move more stuff. @___@

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We should really do another Shuin/Yuna RP soon. *teh evol*


Soon as I can get Dcal to hold still long enough for Yuna to violate visit Tidus, totally.

Torturing characters in RP is fun, I know. ;)

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