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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Here I am, Pitching again.
five more seconds;
Okay. I am aware that a lot of the time I never follow through with my RP ideas, mostly because the interest in them is dismal at best.

....But I really want to do some Final Fantasy RP.

I like playing Yuna, a lot. I want to play her more. I have issues however, as the one RP that I found that didn't already have a Yuna....the Tidus was gay. u________U I've NEVER been a fan of Tidus Yaoi pairings. I admit I have read a few fics, but I never liked the idea of it.

It just seems that a lot of the time fangirls ignore the concept of love, just for the pleasure of those 'little sinning moments.' Quite honestly, I *LIKE* the pairings that Square sets us up with. I liked TifaxCloud. I enjoyed SquallxRinoa. I loved ZidanexDagger. and I have absolute adoration for TidusxYuna.

....Why is it that no one else loves them enough to respect the canonity? T___T

....So I'm thinking I may start a FF RP. I'd need to think up plotty, but yeah. I was originally thinking of doing it on IMC, but I really don't like RPing there that much anymore. So, it would be LJ based. And with a stress on the canonity of the pairings stated within the games. Basically, Tidus with Yuna, Squall with Rinoa, et centra. I'm not going to be anal about vauge things like PainexBaralai, PainexGippal or whatever.

What I'm thinking at the moment is once upon a time I started an RP thread @ MBV where our Digimon characters got sucked into the Final Fantasy world. The world itself was like.. all the Final Fantasy games smooshed together into one. Since they all have varying different times, I'd have to think up something a bit more 'technical' for how the worlds could be merged, some sort of collusion with the assistance of the main baddies, or something. But yeah. That's the basic shell I have at the moment.

Really, I just want a Yuna who has her Tidus, for once. _silverwings will EVENTUALLY have her Tidus (Hopefully.) but, you know. And the last time I played Yuna it was before X-2 came out, so obviously she didn't have Tidus then. It was a sad sad thing. u__U

...Anyway. anyone who would want to do this, please let me know.

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I'm in! If I can help, lemme know.

My major malfunction is that I'll subconsciously gravitate towards slash pairings if a het paring isn't established in cannon. The only exception ever to that rule was Digimon Tamers (Takato is to pretty to be hetero) and FFVIII, the later only because I don't like Rinoa.
I'd rather of had him with Quistis.

I loved Quistis. *ahem*
But I'm willing to sell my soul to you, should you wan't it. It seems to have been forever since I last got into a decent FF-RPG.

...Digimon Tamers. Geeeh. The end of my Digimon fandom. I just can't watch something that doesn't have subliminal Taito and claims it's Digimon, man. It just won't happen.

YAY! I GET NIFFUMS SOUL! Of course I want it! You know I collect them. XD

I would maybe ship the canon pairings in Final Fantasy Games if the females didn't suck so hardcore. I mean, they start out all tough and are your typical strong female, but then your main character interferes and they go off on the power of love and get all gushy and weak-minded. It's so lame, I mean, they still have the same powers and everything, but their characterization is so blase and lacking. This may because, especially in the earlier FF games, the main characters were so lacking in personality. They were you, and so to make the relationship work, your love interest had to be about as personality-neutral as the character.

It ended up sucking either way, though. I hated Tifa, couldn't stand Aeris, couldn't stand Rinoa, liked Garnet, and wanted to hit Yuna with something large and blunt. Except for X-2 Yuna. She was the shit, man, she wore BOOTYSHORTS. Oddly enough though, I've always liked supporting females--Yuffie, Rikku, Lulu... they have spunk and actual personality!

But yes, I really should be one to talk, as my FF OTP is Cloud/Vincent. >DDD Theirloveissoexperimental.

And to culminate the thought--het is so boring, man. So boring, it's lame.

...Here I was thinking it was the guys who got all gushy and weak. XD I didn't play the earlier games, but I did hear there was lack of personality. Although, Cloud lacked personality, in my opinion, really.

....You know that I couldn't stand Aeris either though, don't you? XD I don't remember if I had one of those raving chats with you or not. Aerith never did anything for me, except in KH because she seemed to have more personality then.... or maybe I just didn't pay attention because I was too busy going *___* at Leon.

..Anyway. I get what you're saying, I just always have this eternally open mind to the characters. Aerith is the only lead female I flat out hated. I was a supporting female gal in 8. I said I liked SquallxRinoa. I never said that I liked individual parties. Rinoa... eh. She got on my nerves sometimes. I was always like 'YAY FUJIN' though, so you know. I'm crazy.

Hang on. Picturing Cloud/Vincent. *......* ....Yeah. That'll do. Also explains why Cloud has Vinnie's clothes in KH. o__O

I've never found Het particularly boring. Personally, I've been getting bored with Slash. Probably why I'm all 'yay het!' @__@ Slash is getting done a lot. To the point where it's losing it's thrill for me and it's just like '..Oh. Look. Seifer's fucking Squall. again.' MPREG is just about the only thing that hasn't worn out for me in slashworld, considering every time I read it I'm horrified beyond reason.

...There are always those few acceptions, though. Because I tend to be a hypocrite like that.

Overdone slash is very boring, yes, but I find canon het so... predictable. It's just dull, you know? I mean, why bother with the canon het when you can just play the damn game? I like the unusual pairings, when the characters involved aren't just having sex, like you see in all the heroxrival fics. It's something more interesting. This is why I ship CloudxVincent, SquallxZell, SquallxIrvine, AnybodyxIrvine (IrvinexIrvine! hell! I just love my cowboy!), ZidanexKuja (shush. Kuja was pretty. Heavy metal bikini, wot!)

YES. He has Vincent's clothes because when they were lying around in their stupified afterglow along came fate and Cloud had to go running off, and he threw on the first available clothes he could find. It still doesn't explain the arm, though. :x

Those would be the acceptions, most of the time. Although, the SquallxZell my brain is having trouble getting around them being about anything more than lots of really kinky sex.

...Irvine however, I have been convinced he is gay for quite some time. I actually haven't got as high standards about the supporting cast slash pairings, for some reason. Maybe I'm really anal and just never noticed. o__O

Isn't ZidanexKuja incest?

....Guh. Afterglow. *__* I like that word a lot.

..Um. The arm. Yeah... maybe Vinnie gave it to him, because he was like 'This will protect you and make you think of me while you're gone!!!!!!111one!' or....something less craptastically Sue-writtenlike. Maybe Cloud just thought it was pretty so he stole it.

...Or, could be like my whole 'Blood-red Wings' on Leon's back theory. *I* figured he wore those as a symbol that Rinoa died in their Hallow Bastion world, and since she had the whole white wings stuff, he wore the red as a symbol of revenge, or mourning, or tribute or something. Perhaps, Vincent ended up dying when the Heartless came, and Cloud lost his arm, and took Vincent's as a symbol?

...I don't know. They won't explain it either. That would be too nice of them.

I was interested 'til you said it'd be on LJ. I hate LJ RP.

And I'm not interested in slash, either.

But I hope you get it together and have fun anyways, 'cause that's the point of it. :D


I may end up doing something similar on IMC one day. Should College and sanity permit. There hasn't been a decent FF room there for a while, has there? There's Lifestream, of course, but I'm so not into 7 enough to bother with that.

..I do too, actually. XD Beatrix and Steiner were like... scary, but pretty at the same time. And made all kinds of sense. XD

And do you KNOW the people that go into Lifestream? *shudder* Really, dearie, it's not worth it to try liking FF7 just to get some RP.

If it were IMC based, I really would be interested. If it's FFX however, I couldn't do it. I've never played more than the first... what, eight hours of FFX. Never had a chance to.

I'd love to do an FFVI though. Mmm. I'm still all for that. But I'm one of few, sadly. FFVI or FFIX.

Dude. I should write SteinerxBeatrix. That would be cool. I'd do it, too.

I only peeked in there briefly while it was still a SPR, so no, don't know any of them. XD You know more people on IMC anyway, so I'll take your word for it.

Nah. I wouldn't just do FFX based. I don't like restricting it much, because I've found people live more in harmony when there's a wider variety of canon to choose from. Or something along that line.

I wouldn't know about VI to do a room soully dedicated to that though. =/ I really need to get my hands on a copy of the game.

...You should. I'd TOTALLY read it. There is not enough SteinerxBeatrix out there.

What hast happenedth to thou OTP calledest Shuin/Yuna? *cries*

Actually, I'd probably be interested in RPing Squall, since it's almost impossible to find an RPG where Squall is open.

...Well, you know. As great as Shuin/Yuna is, there are extremes that one has to go to to make it happen. Someday, girl. We will RP our Guilty Pleasure OTP. Somewhere. Circumstances will permit it. Of course, it would probably mean me thrusting myself willingly into an RP with a gay Tidus. *minor eyetwitch*

A Final Fantasy RP on LJ sounds good, I'm already in one anyways. Looking forward to hearing more about this idea.

I'd be so in on an FF RP. So in.

Sorry i was busy when you asked me about a Tidus x Yuna RP. Yup, if you catch me online tomorrow I should be able to RP.

and this Tidus is for Yuna only.


I wiiiiiiill. Because Varis=No life. Ever.


FF RPG? Count me in. I'll do whatever it takes to get it going.. I'm so hungry for GOOD RPGs nowadays... especially since MBV died and FAI isn't doing so great, and I've retired temporarily from Legacy...

I need RP.....

I'll die for it.. I'll kill for it... Hell, I'll smile for it.


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