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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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...So, since it seems selphish is planning to pick up Seymour...
five more seconds;
It brings me to contemplation.

...Are Yuna and Seymour still married? I mean, I know they SAID it was a fake ceremony, but I recall it being rather authentic, and Mika marrying them kind of made it official, didn't it?

..So, since they KILLED Seymour several times after running away from him, does that make Yuna his widow? and if he comes back YET again, is she still technically his wife?

o__O That could get interesting. I really need to play on to that part of the game again. I'm at the Mushroom Rock Road, so I've got a bit to go before I get there. But I will. Eventually. Then I'll see for sure. XD

I'm sure Yuna will either run for the hills or attack Seymour if she sees him. It all depends. XD