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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Went shopping at Target.

Saw Joe.

Not only did they have great mouses for Laptops, but it came in a combo pack of a messenger bag for the laptop to go in, the mouse itself, a USB port expander thingie, and a retractable phone cord.

...Then, as if that wasn't totally enough, dad got me a Jumpdrive (Which means I can finally move my fonts and MP3s over to this computer! whooh!), and a hundred blank CDs. He also picked up some new CD burning software cuz the stuff on our computer sucks. I got a few other school-related thingies, which is good. We went over to Best Buy to see if they had any of those little laptop security devices, but they didn't. I checked out to see if they had Orphen Season 2 (Because I'm obsessed.) and they did, KINDA. The thing I hate about Best Buy is they never restock stuff like series DVDs. So instead of having DVDs one through six, they had one five, and one six. Guh. I said screw it, I figure they'll come out with the Perfect Collection of season two soon enough. Then I'll get that instead and save me some sanity and money.

I finally got all my checks cashed though! It feels good to actually have some money in the bank. I was worried that my College Deposit checks might bounce, but I know they won't now. (Unless $200 suddenly becomes a sum over a thousand. THEN I'll have to do some talking to the Financial Aid department. *Frown*)

....Orphen is staring at me. *eyes the box cover* He's saying 'Watch the series over now that you've finished it! You know you want to!!!' U____u Maybe later.

....Once the stepmother and father leave for dinner, I'm moving the compie downstairs sos I can watch TV and compute at the same time. XD I love having a laptop. It's so moveable.