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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Just woke up a bit ago. After reading through posts, I now sit here, half-awake and like *_*

...I'm hungry, but I know there are probably no eggos left, as the stepmother fed me eggos for dinner last night.

...Eh. Oh well.

Anyway. I guess we're going to the fair tomorrow. Jan's going to consume food with her son (The non-theiving one) and Dad and I will probably just be here.... at home. Playing with our new laptops.
...Unless I can convince him to go to Target to pick up some CD-Rs. Or RW... I'm not picky right now. I just want my fonts and videos over on my laptop.

...I'd also REALLY like to have a proper mouse, but I won't push it. Unless I can get him to let me cash my checks. Then I'll just buy it myself. I can't right now. I have very little money in my account, and since I haven't balanced my checkbook yet, I don't have any idea how little. Which is VERY bad.

...I'm gonna do a bit of work on my thank you cards, then I'll try and convince him we need to go over.... u__U