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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Am on the new Laptop.

It's nice. I like being able to be all lyingdown on the bed and on the computer at the same time. This adds new levels to my laziness.

Can't do icons yet. One, I REALLY need to get a regular mouse for the computer, because the touch pad is all well and good for point and click, it will piss me off to no end if I have to cut and paste with it.

...Maybe I'll get a tablet. That would probably be better considering what I'm going to be doing at college.

eeeh. Aaanyway. It took me a very long time to get this thing internet bound. @___@ y'know why? I be stupid, and plugged the telephone wire into the network connection port instead of the modem port. Geeeh. That's what happens when I just glance at instructions, and it isn't even the englishside. @____@

....You may notice some of my words are smooshied. I'm still getting used to the keyboard too. It's a lot different from Zanna and Hel's keyboards. I think I'll like this computer though. I've named her Lulu. I'll name dad's laptop later. XD

I like the DVD drive. It is good. EXCEPT... in order to do screencaps of DVDs, do I HAVE to buy PowerDVD? cuz right now I have the 'Dell Media Exerience' and I tried capping with it, but I just got that whole blank screen thing that happens when I'm trying to cap MPEGS on my other computer. Anyone know how to make that go away, or is it there to stay? I want screencappage. T__T

...Other than that, glee. I like new computer. It is shiny, and pretty, and it's chair is SO better than Zanna's. XD

...Actually, just about everything about it is better than Zanna's. It'll be better than Hel too, once I can get all my fonts over into this computer. I have to find a blank CD first. *Sighs* Stupid stepbrother stealing over fifty blank CDs from my case.. *Muttergrumble*

....So yeah. I watch more Sorcerous Stabber Orphen now! Then bed.