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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Does anyone remember the little 'spoof' Commercial audio that was done for FFX before it actually came out? I JUST found my CD with that on it. XD!!! I have to post the words here, because, you know.. it's so funny. And I'm amused by it. See? Sense of humor! Few love X more than I, and I adore this thing. XD

(The Zanarkand prelude thingie plays in the background, like the offical commercial.)

Bad Japanese Accented man: Playstation. RPG Squaresoft. CG Final Fantagy Ten, Playstation Praystation CG Squaresoft

Voiceover Guy(Bob): His name is Squ-err Tidus. A young boy on a journey of the heart. He has a big sword. Tells women to talk to walls. A loner. A loser. Tidus.

Her name is Rin-Selph-

Random guy in the background: It's Yuna, Bob!

Bob: Yu-Yuna. Yuna. Part woman, Part Siberian husky.

Bad Japanese accented woman: CG Square, Playstation CG Squaresoft, Playstation 2? Squaresoft?

Bob: She has humongous breasts, because we haven't seen those in a final fantasy or two. She's out to defeat the force known as Sin. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

Tidus. Yuna. Joining forces. Again. Hopefully this time, they'll actually do it.

...Man. That still cracks me up. XD

I really wish I had my 'Can I touch your boob?' icon uploaded right now. XD!!!!