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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Oh yes, by the way. I restarted FFX last night.

...I'm up to Luca, and well, I really just want to give Tidus a hug. T__T He's SO angsty. He's a very angry boy on the inside. I think he needs a hug in the worst way when he's screaming at Auron about stuff. I'm just like *T__T* *Must.Hug.Angstburger.*

..Also, My disc. My loyal, beloved FFX disc, which I bought the day before it was technically released (Because Best Buy rocks like that.) and it's served me well for many years. (...ish.) it seems to be dying. It got all pausey during the whistle scene, and then a week or so ago when I was watching the videos it paused twice on 'The Dance.' =/ I dunno if it just has to do with the scratches on the disc, or it's reacting funny to my Gameshark, or what. I'm thinking I may go get a new copy of the game, considering it's dirt cheap now. We'll see. If it dies completely, I'll spring the cash.

...Even if I do get a new copy though, am keeping the old disc. it needs a memorial or something. I could like... decorate a frame and mount it on my wall. XD

..We'll see.

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Unless your disc is mad scratchy, I'd be more inclined to think it's your PS2. How old is it?

It's sorta quasi-scratchy. It's got a few on it, but so do a ton of my other games. And they all work fine. It's only X that's been freezing up.

...PS2 is.. um.. about four years old. I think. Maybe five. I can't remember when I got it, exactly.

I just asked because my PS2 is coming up on 3 years old and it's starting to have massive troubles playing some games.. I still haven't completely finished one playthough of FFX-2 because it froze up during the ending. ;_; So I thought maybe yours was experience the same signs of aging. :p

I wouldn't think so. I'm convinced I've got the best PS2 in the world. It's been through loads of stuff, and it's still going strong. This is the first problem I've actually had with it.

...I may just need to do that little vaccum-clean thingie. I've never actually DONE that before. o__o I think the manual said you were supposed to do it once every two years or something, but... PS2 is good. Never does bad things. Except now. But I really think it's the disc's fault, as my PS2 has played scratchier things (read: Stupid rental games.)

..And I know of a few other people who've had problems with their X discs. Bought around the same time. Hm.

My PS2 has more of a problem with all discs. It usually makes these weird rattling noises when I turn it on and it sometimes doesn't even play a disc when I put a new one it. And it also tends to stay with a black screen whenever there's a transition of some kind.


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