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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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New Layout!
five more seconds;
You know, you never realize how rusty you were with HTML until you go back and attempt to make a layout from scratch.

I am good at HTML. I have done many blog layouts. But the first one is always a bitch.

...This is my first in about two years. I am SO rusty, but it WORKS and after eight hours of pain-in-the-ass coding, it looks GOOD. Everyone look at it. It's pretty, and another Yuna layout. And pink. Oh yes it's pink.

I'm just glad I've got that done with now. All future layouts will just be a matter of editing the coding a bit. Huzzah. Now I need to do one for herbskillz @__@!

All my headdesking is all thanks to overrides and a few other layout communities. I picked things from them to fix the HTML where I got totally lost. Guuh.


Anyway, got a call from my Roommate today. Her name is Jennifer, and we're staying in a Quad, so we've also got another girl who I haven't talked to yet named Hannah. I plan to call Hannah later. It seems she lives closeby, from her area code.

Jennifer and I planned out what we were gonna bring. I'm bringing my Stereo, Phone, and PS2, and she's bringing her TV, Gamecube, DVD/VCR player, and a lock-n-key caddy for all the electronics to stay safe in.

We talked for a bit too, and I got along with her pretty well. ^_^ I hope that Hannah's as cool as Jennifer. I've got our room number and phone number assignment as well, but I'll wait a bit to post those, mmkai?

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Sounds great, I wish my college had dorms...


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