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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
angelicrubies: Mmm... Auron.
angelicrubies: [/random]
suey_bones: Auron....?
gryffindor_ollie_wood: ....Ew...makes me think of Auron and Rikku.
angelicrubies: ....
gryffindor_ollie_wood: Auron = Crazy 35 year old guy from FFX.
angelicrubies: I still don't understand that pairing.
gryffindor_ollie_wood: I don't either.
suey_bones: ....*nods and smiles polietly*
gryffindor_ollie_wood: Wakkus *dances*
gryffindor_ollie_wood: Don't worry, Nomi....dipping into an old fandom of mine X)
gryffindor_ollie_wood: Pre-HP.
angelicrubies: I mean... they don't even interact during the ENTIRE game. and all of a sudden they're like.. OTP everywhere?
gryffindor_ollie_wood: Hell, it's because lots of sick people are out there.
angelicrubies: @__@
gryffindor_ollie_wood: "You're old enough to be my dad! LEt's have SEX"
angelicrubies: ..XD
gryffindor_ollie_wood: "I don't like anyone, and I gripe a lot. But okay."
gryffindor_ollie_wood: "YAY SEX"
gryffindor_ollie_wood: "Mm. Sex."
gryffindor_ollie_wood: Yeah, that sums it up.
angelicrubies: *Dead*
gryffindor_ollie_wood: LOL
angelicrubies: That is the best explination EVER. XD
gryffindor_ollie_wood: *revives*
gryffindor_ollie_wood: YES.

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