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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Family Reunion.
five more seconds;

Off to Bailey's Island we went after church. I listened to 1000 Words all the way down, literally.

Once we got there, I did the manditory hugging everyone there thing, and my Aunt Tina was like 'OH My! You've lost weight!'

...Which I have, but yeah. Collectively, since last time she saw me, maybe about fifty pounds, although ten or so of it was gained back in winter laziness.

Then, we ate lunch. Mmmm Lobster. Then Avery, my Sister's step-daughter made me walk with her all the way down to the end of the road while she rode her bike.

Then we went to store, I bought turtle plushie and freaky purple eye bracelet.

Then when we got back, I tried to find my class ring which I'd taken off while eating, and I couldn't find it.

SO I dug through the trash after searching the floor and asking everyone except my sister if they'd seen it.

...You can imagine who had it. Shari. Guuh.

So now, my fingers smell heavily of fishy-lobsterness, and I've washed them fourteen or so times, which kills the smell for about five minutes before it comes back. @____@ I do not like it.

..Other than that, day was decent. And I now have enough ramen noodles to never go hungry when the cafeteria is serving crappy meals.