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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
....Squall Mpreg makes me cry.

Seifer/Squall makes me cry.

People who don't credit icons make me cry.

No one to RP with online makes me cry.

@____@ The fact that my HP muses are taking a vacation makes me cry.

I...Guuuuuuuuuh. *headdesk*

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*raised eyebrow* But Seifer Mpreg doesn't?

.........*Squick* I didn't see any Seifer Mpreg. *eyetwitch*

...So, amendment. ALL Mpreg makes me cry. Espically when it goes against my OTPs.

You should be thankful then, reading one is like pouring bleach on one's brain.

No one to RP with online makes me cry.

THAT MAKES ME CRY TOOOOO! Ping me tomorrow and I'll love you forever. <3

<3 I so very will. XD Raging buffalo could not hinder me. Although, Father with Taxes might, depending on when he gets home. o__O;

..And I just realized, either Tidus is taller than Shuin, or Yuna is shorter than Lenne. o__O *Eyes height differences in pictures she's um.... INVESTIGATING* *>.>*

I refuse to believe that Shuin is inferior to Tidus in any way, so Yuna is shorter than Lenne. *nods*

I love Shuin too much. XD

*Snort* Okay then.

I love them both equally. I have to. I play Yuna, and I've played Lenne before, so there's this understanding that I'm not allowed to love one more than the other. XD

...And I'm horribly non-commital when it comes to one bishie. In my mind, they're ALL number one.

*stares at your Shuin/Yuna icon*


*Muahaha* I made a fair few last night. Although then my subconcious mind rebelled against me and I made a few Yuna/Tidus and Lenne/Shuin. But it's okay. Cuz there are still Shuin/Yuna icons in my folder now. XD!

Mpreg. *shudder*

Seifer all on his own?

Mmm. I can handle that.

Squall was too whiny.


Absolutely! Seifer was WAY better than Squall. Really, most of the so-called 'Bad' characters in 8 were the better ones, in my opinion.

..And Seifer didn't turn into some crazy person who talks to comatose bodies while dragging them down a railroad track.

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