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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
You know, I just don't get Aurikku.

There's Auron.. and he's cool with his Strong Silentness.

...Then there's Rikku, with her hyperactivity and spazmatic goodness.

...From what I remember of X, they like.. never interact. At all.

...I'm kind of looking for someone to explain it to me. There's like this massive cult following of doom, and I just... don't get it. @___@

EDIT: Okay, NOW can someone explain Aurikku to me, now that I've turned the effing comments back on? Ayah. STUPID thing. My LJ Client is driving me crazy. Anyone know how to change the options in the new 2.2 Lochjournal? I can't figure out how to shut off the 'no comments' thing without actually going to the dropdown every time and clicking it off.

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Well, it's very simple.

So simple it alludes me.

But it's probably very simple.

There's that funky Seifer/Quistis pairing too, I recall.


...Yeah. I don't go near the FF8 pairings with a foot-long pole. *Shudder* Rinoa/Seifer is CANON before Squall comes along, for pete'ssake! @___@ It horrifies me. I just don't see how they could've been all Relationshippy.

...Seifer/Quistis I've seen though. It's...huh. Although, I've seen Raijin/Quistis... Eeee..

...Basically, the fangirls pair Seifer and Squall to everyone. Irvine and Zell get some of the action, but not so much. Poor Irvine and Zell. I should write horrible shippy fic to make them happy.

...Or not. ¬¬

Ever since writing Birth of Pain I've been a little wigged out by Aurrikku just cause of the father dating kid's best friend thing *shudders*
But aside from my own delusion I thinks its cause in general very fiew original character romances are good (coughmarysuecough) and the only AVAILABLE girl in the party is Rikku (personally I think Tikku or Wakku would be cute). Most people seem to go with opposites attract or that he's got a thing for innocence and she's got a thing for curmudgeonly badass ronins. *shrugs* As long as the author's good it usually works about but yeah, in general the pairing itself IS wierd.

Personally, the best Auron romance I EVER read was one (argh, can't remember the name! Ask me later) Where he and Tidus' mom had a thing. It was never finished (scream of rage) But it was great cause it wasn't OC or OOC.

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