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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Am amused.

Your LJ Yearbook
LJ Username
Your Grad Year
Your Best Subject
Your Worst Subject
Most Likely to Own 30 Cats yesal
Most Likely to Become a Billionaire Tycoon normajean
Most Likely to End Up On Jerry Springer evangelic
Most Likely to Achieve Enlightenment ranger_girl
Most Likely to Get A Sex Change tank_n_zanna
Most Likely to End Up Living On A Weasel Ranch In Kuala Lumpur knitmeapony
This quiz by yagowe - Taken 2223 Times.
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Hm. Brad is Crazy Cat Lady.
Jordan is the Billionare Tycoon, which just strikes me as HIGH-LARIOUS. XD I'm picturing her all Republican with a ten gallon hat. It's scaring me a lot. XD
Neo on Jerry Springer. *Snort*
..Cait gets a sex change.o__O

....and Laurie. Laurie gets her own weasel farm.

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Oh hell no, you just didn't! *snaps fingers around*

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