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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
I have hiccups of painey doom.

I don't like hiccups.

...In other news, just watched 'The Order.' Mmm... Heath Ledger.

.....Good movie too, by the by.

Hahah. Got rid of hiccups. I win.

.........I am so bored. @__@ I hate weekdays, because no one is on. Except when I'm not on. Then EVERYONE is on. Guh. So not fair.

....Might make icons. Anyone want icons?

*Gigglefit* random note, my playlist just went from the FMV video of the 'Good' ending of X-2 to this very song. *Snickers* Mood music, anyone?

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I want icons!!!!

I also want a custom layout, but that's besides the point. :) I'm too lazy to try and figure it out.

...What do you want icons of? XD

...Can't really help you with the layoutage. The extent of my ability goes to coloring scrollbar and moving the tables around a little. And the background images. I make not pretty layouts. u__U

Whatever. Firefly, Harry Potter, Star Wars (original Trilogy), Nickelback, Metallica... :)

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