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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Guh. Is there no one who knows the meaning of GOOD fanfiction anymore? I remember, back when I first started in the FF genere, everyone did quality work. Now people are just turning out crap whereever they can*. *Sighs* Apparently, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

*Goes to dig out some of her old projects*

*Note: When I say 'people' I speak not for all Fanfic writers. I just speak for what seems to be the majority. I know full well that there are those out there who write quality fanfic, because they care enough to want to fully develop ideas. It's those who just get half-formed ideas in their head, decide to write fanfic, and give you fourteen chapters of what could have been promising if the author had taken some TIME and written it out with care, rather than just skipping to 'the juicy bits.' Seriously. If you've never been french kissed, why the fuck are you writing about it? YOU WILL GET IT WRONG EVERY TIME.

......And if I see ONE more fic with Yuna as an uncontrollable sob-FREAK I will scream. In case you didn't NOTICE she doesn't cry THAT much. She cries when she's deeply affected by something, but not at every single little turn of the tide. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ people. Need me to fact it out for you?

1. Yuna cries in Macalania. This is because she feels betrayed and forsaken by the one thing she grew up believing in. Hey, if you found out your 'leader' was an ass and your purpose in life was bull, you'd cry too.

2. Yuna doesn't cry at the end of X. No matter what you say, she doesn't. She may have wanted to, but there's a difference between wanting to and doing it. There were no tears at the end.

3. Yuna doesn't cry ANYWHERE in X-2, up until the 1000 words concert. (Yes. I'm aware that she was crying in her dream. But that's understandable again. Inevitable doom can do that to a person.) And the reason she was crying was because Lenne's emotions were overflowing into hers, and it just became too much. Sensory overload, if you will.

4. Yuna doesn't cry at the end of X-2 either. Golly-gee-wizz. Ain't that a concept? No 'tears of joy.' Yes. I do admit that she looked about to cry when she tackled Tidus, but the thing is, there were no tears. She controlled it.

....And no, the FMV folks weren't 'being lazy' or 'forgot to edit it in.' One thing I know about the thing that I am VERY motivated to do for the rest of my life is everything is intentional. Computer art just like 'tangible' art is...artistic. For lack of a better word. It's an expression, trying to convey one thing or another.

Yuna's inner strength is an important factor in both FFX and X-2. NOT the 'OMG OUTFITS!' or any of the other stuff that people have bitched about or haven't bitched about or whatever.

*Sighs* She was never weak like some people play her off to be. Misguided, sure, but not weak. She is, beyond a shadow of a doubt in my mind, the strongest character seen in the series thus far. Physically, maybe not, but how many of the past Final Fantasy characters grew up with the very real and clear knowledge that they would one day have to die so that the rest of their people could live? I don't know about any of the games before 7, but I *KNOW* thus far, Yuna's a first. Please, correct me if I'm wrong, those of you who've played the previous games.

..So, basically, I'm sick of the constant tears that appear in post X-2 fics. She has her emotions, yes. She tends to bottle a lot of them up, yes. But she doesn't sit down in the middle of the street and start crying because Tidus walked away for a minute and she can't live without him. Because clearly, she can. Desperation she would feel with needing to keep a hold of him is normal. And she does have her little angsty moments of despair, but she picks herself up. She finds another way. She doesn't just sit down and cry about it, she does something.


...I kinda just figured out my character. Go me.