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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Moment of ded of laughter.
five more seconds;
"Definitely hot, ya know," Raijin informed her. "You'd get jumped
on by Irvine, ya know?"

"He jumps everyone," Squall told Raijin disgustedly, and turned
back to Fujin. "Yeah. I'd sleep with you... hey, I did sleep with
you. Remember that fanfic?"

Fujin clapped her hands over her ears. "SQUALL, UNSEXY! BIG MISTAKE!"
She whirled around to Seifer. "YOU?"

*DED* *SO DED* This is such a stupid fic. XD The writer is all brillant with her other fics, but this is soooo stupidly funny. I'm rolling. XD