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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
SoulAnubis (6:19:15 PM): SoulAnubis (6:12:42 PM): So...it's like.. 'Well, our God is dead, but let's follow the rules that the evil God that created Sin in the first place created, and completely ignore everything that was Sacraficed by Lady Yuna, but HEY Let's STILL horn after her with our crappy Maesters! WHEE!'
Knit Me A Pony (6:23:56 PM): *snerk*
Knit Me A Pony (6:24:02 PM): It's brilliant I tell you.
SoulAnubis (6:24:40 PM): ..Huh. The Orken man is here.
Knit Me A Pony (6:25:17 PM): ...
SoulAnubis (6:25:28 PM): We have mice.
SoulAnubis (6:25:40 PM): I'm not trying to extinguish the New Yevon religion.
SoulAnubis (6:25:48 PM): by setting traps for their high priests.
SoulAnubis (6:25:51 PM): ...OMG XD
Knit Me A Pony (6:28:44 PM): .....?
SoulAnubis (6:29:13 PM): I just had a mental picture of trying to overthrow a religion by setting the Orken man on them.
SoulAnubis (6:29:23 PM): You know... like the Jehova's witnesses.
Knit Me A Pony (6:29:54 PM): *LOL*