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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
I hate random IMs from people I don't RP with, and will never talk to ever again.

Espically when they're twelve, stupid, and make me talk to them on the mic, even though I made it PAINFULLY clear that I didn't want to talk to them. Ending result=Them getting their asses blocked.

THAT is why I block my AIM, I'm reminded. *Sigh* Stupid people.

...Would it KILL someone to have good grammar? Even online? Really now. I find it much easier to talk to someone when I'm not trying to decipher a language that is most certainly NOT English, or any other language spoken by humans with an ounce of intellegence in their skulls.

another thing that really pisses me off is the 'a/s/l' thing. I mean, you almost always know that when someone wants that information right off, this will be a boring chat based on your age and sex, and in my case, local, as no one seems to know where Maine is.

Next time someone asks me ASL, I'm giving them a bogus response. 186/Kryptonian/Metropolis works, yes?

..and I'm aware Kryptonian isn't a sex. It's a race. But still. I hate it when people ask 'r u m or f?' GUH. OBVIOUSLY if you're TALKING to me on a screen name for one of my RP characters, and it says 'HERMIONE' chances are I'm FEMALE. I really don't know many dudes who play Granger.

...But seriously. Fuck off. All of you. If you can't type, I don't want to talk to you.

.....With the acception of Jen, but I really do prefer talking to you on the phone than to online dearie. You're like ten times smarter without the netspeak.

This has been a rant from Varis who is in her Anubis state of mind right now. Thank you, and have a NICE day.

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WuT dO u MeAn U dOnT tYp LiEk Diz. . .

Oi, that took me five minutes to type out. You want to hear the scariest part? There are 20 year-olds out there randomly IMing people to join some horror called Swish n Flick on LJ. I was just stunned. There are no other words, really. *sigh*

wow liek u need 2 get a life n stuff cuz oviusly evry1 uses netspeek n stuff. duh. Wut r u som kind of gramr freek. geez, get a lif. u cant reed netspeek u r a smart kid huh. U think u r bettr then us huh. Wel gues wut u not smarter. I smarter then u so thar.


*sigh* Dude. No. I totally agree with 'ya.

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