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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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New Layout and Mood theme!
five more seconds;
So, after lots of slaving away over computer all day today, I set up a new mood theme and layout. It's all FF-Riffic. Partly because the old layout was really starting to hurt my eyes. Not to mention it took FOREVER to update. This is much simpler. And I like it.

...I like the Mood theme too, but it was a bitch to make, even WITH the easy-console thingy. Guuuh.

In other news, having much fun RPing. And I think I must play a good Fujin. *Snorts* I'm still paranoid about my Yuna though.

...Okay. Just spent several hours RPing with Davis. I need to go crash like woah now. @____@

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Yuna rocks! Silly person.

I'm NOT silly!


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