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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Voice Post
five more seconds;
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“Just passed a sign advertising the Purple Cow House of Pancakes. I don't even know. Maine it's weird.”

Transcribed by: furious

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Oops. "is weird". I didn't fix all the errors from LJ's auto-transcribe.

Beth hi this is ___ advertising would be purple towel out of pancakes. I don't even know. Man it's weird.

Fail, LJ. Fail.

wtf I don't even have a weird accent which would've made that indecipherable to an automated system. gg LJ

I read the auto-transcribe and went ".....that makes no sense". So I went and listened to it and was like "..........WHAT THE HELL, LJ. YOU PUT IN EXTRA SYLLABLES TO MAKE SOME OF THIS SHIT UP."

Maine IS weird. omg.

I kind of wanted to stop so I could check it out but I was kind of in a hurry orz

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