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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Ways to tell you're crazy and RP too much.

-You talk to your characters in relation to things going on in the RPG, or things you're talking to people about OOC.
-You get gushy and tearful and 'feel your character's pain' during pivotal scenes in their series/genere/whatever if they happen to be a canon-tastic character and not an original.
-You make icons of your character. Far more than you'll ever use.
-You join fanlistings dedicated to your character and/or his/her lover.
-You make said fanlistings.
-You spend several hours researching random facts about your character, just so you get 'it all down.'
-You create fractions of history that haven't been filled in in the actual series.
-You have weird dreams about your character.
-You cosplay as your character...even when there is no convention to go to.
-You get into arguments with other RPers about the importance of your character to the series they're from.
-You have a playlist on your MP3 player for each of your characters, containing no less than five songs.
-You draw lots and lots of pictures of your characters, and hang them on your walls.
-You go out of your way to get rare posters and toys of your characters.
-Ebay has become your best friend.
-You find yourself zoning out during classes or car trips and pondering senerios you'd like to act out once you get back to the saftey of your computer room with your fellow RPers.


....Yeah. So I got bored and started listing off stuff. Anyone care to add on, go right ahead. XD I was just listing things which I've actually done/know people who have done them.