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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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(no subject)
five more seconds;
Excuse me while I fangirl all over the place.


..I mean, GUH. Just... GUH. I haven't got a fucking CLUE what the hell is going on half the time, as I've missed WELL over half the series, but I DO NOT CARE FOR WOLF'S RAIN IS GOOD AND WONDERFUL.

...Oh yes. And there were like, EIGHT OTP moments during Inuyasha tonight. SO much glee with the SangoxMirokuness. Ggaaaaah.

Loaded up FFX while waiting for Inuyasha to come on. I watched some of the FMVs, and BOY do those bring back memories. I remember the first time I downloaded one of the Japanese FMVs off the net because I wanted to see Tidus in action so badly. The first one I downloaded was the moment when He's hanging off that bit of road, and Auron picks him up and says 'this is your story' and yeah. I remember being like *O___O!!!OMGWTFBBQ?!?!?!?!!!?ILOVETHISSOMUCHOMG!* and sharing the love with Becky and Shawna.

Tidus, to this day, to my knowlege, remains the only animated character Becky finds attractive.

...Well, 'finds attractive' isn't really the WORD for it. It's more like 'OMGWTFBBQHAAAAAAAWT!'

...Although, I just remembered that isn't true. Cuz she fangirls Sesshomaru too. YAY FLUFFY-SAMA!!!!!!!!!

....Holy christ. I haven't had a good powerful FANGIRL moment for a while now. Although I was fangirling this morning when I got to RP Yuna for the first time. Just a little.

.....I fangirled during Totally Spies yesterday too, cuz the Ian kid on it HAD MIROKU/VAN'S VOICE! YAAAY KIRBY MORROW! <3 Not to mention, the character design happened to STRONGLY resemble Seifer, which just made me glee even more.



.......Mmmm.... Men in general.

...Guh. I'm so so bad.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled insanity.

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omg. Wolf's Rain is SO GREAT. I loff that anime sososo much (and I can hook you up with fansubs if you desire.. XD).

GLEE! *Pinches your icon's cheeks* XD!!

....Mmmm... Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaansubs. That's how I get whored onto Fruits Basket! XD

Wolf's Rain!! I watched a few episodes of that show... I really like it.... but I forgot when it's on now, so I can't watch it anymore >_> *is sad and stuff*

12:30am on Saturdays! And it repeats at 3:30am. *Nodnod* Right after Inuyasha! Or something around that. I think that's right.. lesse. Futurama is on at 11, then I wander into the other room for computer at 12:30 because Sealab confuses and horrifies me...then I come back after that to.. yup. 12:30.

..and obviously Sealab is on at 11:30, and I am STUPID.

You watch Totally Spies?! AWESOME! I thought I was the only one who admited that outloud.

XD I denied it for a while, because it was like *OMGSHALLOWCHARACTERS!* but, there's really no point in denying it. Because in reality, it is one of the most brilliant shows in the WORLD, purely for like the 'WTF?' factor. XD

*LOL* YES! I agree Wholeheartedly. Another show is that mecha show that airs on Toonami. Forgot the name.

MEGAS XLR!!!! YES! XD!!!!!! I love that show so so much.

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