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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
So, I've been ally YAY TEEN TITANS!!!! for a while now. I mean, I have so much love for the Titans.

....Except Starfire.

I HATE Starfire. SO so much. I know she's all sweet and wonderful and shit like that, but she gets on my NERVES. with her happy bunny talk and her being shipped to Robin. ARGH. Starfire/Robin makes me cry.

I've actually got a whole theory on the Starfire/Robin shipping, and why it exists in series.

1. Starfire is the Non-Raven girl. Raven OBVIOUSLY could NEVER have any emotions of ANY kind seeing as she's all GOTH and ANGSTY and SHIT. Oh No. So, Starfire is the only 'Being shipped to lead wonderfulness' character avaliable.

2. Robin likes Starfire. Yes. I am aware of that. But, I think that the only reason he likes her is because she's got that 'weak maiden' thing going for her. Superheros always get off on that.

....Yeah. That's pretty much it. In core. I rant about it to myself when I'm watching the show but I can never remember any of it. But GUH. Hate Starfire. Much Much hate.

...I ship Robin/Raven. Just because. I see it on the Commander and Second relationship. It's like Norrington and Gilette, minus the two-male thing.

...And there are no boats.

.....Or pirates.

I'm NOT insane, OKAY?!

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I dislike Starfire, too hyper/cheery/happy for me. X__x

Raven on the other hand is drool worthy. ^___^

def no Starfire/Robin. I agree with you and evangelic, she's waaay too happy and cheerful. Raven is muy cool, though.

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