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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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Fro oac. E ys ajem.
five more seconds;
Cu. E's kuehk du fneda yh ahdena bucd eh Al Bhed, zicd palyica E lyh. Yht E's punat. Yht E fyhd HU UHA DU GHUF FRYD E'S CYOEHK! YRYRRYRYRYRYRY!!!!!

...Yhofyo. Punat. Buhtanehk byet ylluihd, yc E'ja paah sygehk eluhc vun Yuna, yht E fyhd du ica dras. E'mm fyed y faag vun dra NB du cdynd ib. Drah fa'mm caa.

....Ugyo. E'mm cdub huf. Yhouha fru fyhdc drec dnyhcmydat, ku du drec mehg pamuf.


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muah ha ha ha ha ha.... *dork*

Tita. Oui ryja cusa ecciac, ev oui syga yh ahdena bucd eh Al Bhed. Caneuicmo. Pid, dra mehg ec FYO hevdo, yht E'mm ryja du syga kuut ica uv ed eh dra vidina...... oac.......jano, jano kuut ica..... siyr ry ry ry ry ry ry ry...


Saw your page refered to my translator. In the next level of confusing people I've made it easier to have al bhed translations with you all the time. I just released an extension for mozilla and firefox.

Thanks for linking to my site, if you have any suggestions on the translator of the site. Feel free to let me know.

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