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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
You know, it's typical that when I need screencaps of something, I can't find them. @___@

Or fanart, for that matter. I used to have buttloads of Yuna fanart and screencaps on my computer before our HD died. Do I have ANY now? Yes. But they're all of X-2. Granted I have much firey passionate love for X-2, but I want pictures of Yuna from just plain 'ol X too. But all that I have like that are ones of her from the dream sequence in X-2.


.....And I'm picking it up again. Discovered I'm heading towards the Thunder Plains in X-2, and almost to a few other things that I need scenes of. Must... play. Although, not right now.

I'm a little worried about college, on another note. I doubt very much that Dad's going to let me take this computer with me, which means I'll have to take the Mac. BUT the Mac has the teeny screen, and it's capabilities to do any of the stuff that'll be required of me are like.. nil. Guh.

And I'm not staying in the computer labs until three AM like all the crazy folk. No no. I'm thinking I might buy a new computer with the money I got for graduation. I can get a dell, with the payment plan thing, and once I get a job I could make that easy.

We'll see. I may just have to suffer and not make any icons or do any of my homework on my room-bound computer. Blaaah.

Sister's coming up today. Trying to decide if I want to go out to camp with her, or if I want to stay in here. While camp sounds appealing, it wouldn't be if the Stepmother is out there. I haven't had personal contact with her for almost a week, and I wish very much to continue this streak of excellent fortune.

However, if she's in here, I should go out there. Even if the computer is dead and I hate camp because it's musty and gross and bugs are everywhere. I can bring PS2. Sanity in that. And it would be just me and Shari, which would be cool. All depends on if she wants me out there with her, really.

...Okay. Rambling enough. Back to the screencap/fanart hunt. *Guh*