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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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stolen from everyone and their mom at this point.
a touch of pink;
Give me a character I play and a question/topic about them and I will answer according to my own personal canon. This can range from their birthday, favorite color or even their earliest memory up to what they had last night for dinner.

specifically my active characters in non-Dressing Room games atm are limited to DC although I'm...going to be expanding that sooner or later. uh.


Rebecca Chambers clevermedic
Heather/Cheryl Mason godless
Claire Redfield redfield
River Tam theluckybird
Penny apennysaved

Anyone else just take a look at primavista~ click the character lists tag and that's pretty much everyone.

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Rebecca: It's cute when you get all soppy, so describe your ideal future with Lt. :|

Claire: Share a fond memory of you and your big dumb brother.

Penny: So do you ever see you and Billy becoming an item?

- Ideally something will come to light, proving Billy's innocence after they've spent a while up in Canada in their love shack. They'll return to America where Rebecca will go back to school to get her PhD and Billy will get a job doing something that he actually wants to do rather than lumberjacking. Eventually they'll get married, not right off, but she'd like a year-long engagement and to be finished with school and secure in a job at a hospital before the heavy planning started. Everyone would be invited. Tifa can be her maid of honor. If they don't like... go back to their home worlds.

She'd like to wait a bit longer before they have kids, but she does want kids. At least two, maybe three, it'd depend on where they were after the second child. But she sees them with their own house in the country so they can have pets and not worry as much about them getting hit by cars, white picket fence and all that crap.

If of course he doesn't ever get his name cleared and they spend the rest of their lives in Canada, she'll be all right with that as well. A nice log cabin by a lake, and she can still go back to school and get a career with a hospital. Eventually she'll legally change her last name to whatever he's picked as his surname, since they...probably won't be able to get married the normal way. Kids aren't as clear in this version of her future but she can still see them being a possibility. the pill isn't infallible after all.

- Claire has so many fond memories of her big stupid brother it's hard to pick just one to share. But, a little while after their parents died, sitting in his apartment eating cheap chinese food and not really sure what was going on with their lives at that point, she made Chris promise that he wouldn't ever bail out on her, and he just kind of looked at her like she was crazy but she knew it was because he'd never even think of bailing on his baby sis. And since then she just pretty much considers him invincible.

- She has no idea. Penny's very much the type who waits for the guy to make the first move, although she does admittedly have strong feelings for Billy. So depending on how things pan out she may not wait for him to stop twitching.

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