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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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..I will spam thee with quizzes!HAH!
five more seconds;
U know Everything!!!!! (please vote!)

How much do u know about Pirates of the Caribbean?
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...That was anti-climatic, although it did test my brain a bit. I'm sure someone could think up more obscure questions, however.

Anyway. Just so everyone knows, I think that someone just tried to break into my house. I heard what sounded like the cat door trying to be forced out of the window, and then it stopped. I went downstairs and grabbed the shovel by the door, and when I looked in the kitchen there didn't seem to be anything. My cat didn't seem to be peturbed which was odd, although the cat door was pushed out of the window a bit more than it usually is. I turned on all the lights though, and didn't see anything.

...And it would be kind of stupid for someone to break into the house. I have like.. several lights on. You'd have to be dumb to think people would leave and just leave every light in the house on.

I'm thinking it might've just been Chance trying to get like.. a bat through the cat door and it just didn't go. Hopefully.

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You know it might have just been the wind or something. If you were home alone, it was probably you imagination making a big deal out of something stupid like the wind.

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