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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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..Right. Adventures abound. Kinda
five more seconds;
So, last night there was a Thunderstorm. And I was kicking myself for not going to bed sooner, because had I done so, I would've slept right through the storm.

As it was, I stayed up until about 3:30am, when I'd intended to go to bed after Futurama. Instead I spent the whole time counting to see if the lightning was coming or going.

....It jumped around a lot. Either that or I was counting funny.

The lights flickered a few times, which was cool. Except not.

I don't mind thunderstorms. During the day. I'm fine with them. I just hate them at night, because it's all dark and I'm tired but I can't fall asleep with the random *BOOMCRASH!*

So it's been raining a LOT here, which is like *guh* because I want to walk down to the store to get ice cream, but I can't, for fear of being drowned in the abyss.

..Anyway. This morning, my cat Chance pushes open the door of my room and comes in, and I was half awake and heard him meowing at me, so I put my hand down to pet him.

...Soaking wet.

WHY is it that I have a cat that thinks it's a dog? WHY?! I don't NEED that in the morning when I'm just waking up. @___@

...Okay. Must go post James post for HS, then I will go watch Firefly. If the weather doesn't seem to get any worse, I'll run down to the store.

..Oh yes. and I made an icon of the Frolicking moment in the Diet Coke commerical. Why yes. I am crazy. XD

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We had the storm in NH, too. Only saw the lights flicker once, but it could have been that Wolf and I simply weren't paying attention...

*was on the computer throughout the entire storm, until the Units came home...*

Death-wish? Oh yes. And, ice cream is good. Dairy ice cream. It's good. Yum.

Forgive my absense, as usually I'm posting around a lot. First time I've had control of computer navigation in... almost since I got here..... but I'll be home tomorrow night.. so whatever.


I like Thunderstorms too, they were one of my favorite things back in Orlando. Sadly, there aren't that many thunderstorms here in Puerto Rico. It's just lots and lots of rain... sort of depressing if you ask me.

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