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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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fear is relative;
Okay, so it's been a while, and since Kate's reared her ugly head again to harass me, and there are new people on my flist, AND I managed to hunt down my full story I'd written up, here is the unabridged version of Kate Being A Fucking Psycho At Varis For The Past Three Fucking Years.

I was running a game called worldbeyond, starting in the beginning of the summer of 2005, and it died around Christmas. This was the first time I'd ever played Claire Redfield in a Livejournal setting (I played her a few times in forum-based games, back before I fell out of the fandom for a few years) and that was nodamsel

Due to this, Rain somehow found me, and Instant Messaged me. I don't have the original log, but I remember her complimenting the crap out of me, buttering me up, saying it was nice to see a Claire that was actually IC, blah blah blah (Which is crap, since she's never played the games she'd have no idea.) anyway, this was when she asked me to mod her community with her The original post about that in my journal is here.

Note how pure and innocent I was. This was on October 30th.

And then to_the_end_rp existed. She jumped into it IMMEDIATELY. I am used to games waiting to garner a few more players before starting, but she wanted it going RIGHT THE FUCK AWAY, so...it went. And Leonmun, and all the other muns, and I all just sort of went along with it.

about a day or so after the game started, we had our first Incident. Apparently there was an issue with the Alice, she was kicked out and replaced, without my knowledge or consent. I was obviously annoyed, but Rain spun it so it sounded like it was the Alice's fault.

Now, knowing her history, that is something I doubt.

Then, there was a brief period of second-alice, but she didn't post at all, and was tossed in favor of third Alice, who was willing to do the Alice/Rain crap, and was thus hung on to, despite never being online except for weekends, which obviously annoyed Rain, and she complained FREQUENTLY.

All the while, Kacee, Lins, Ephe, and I are trying to create some semblance of a good game. We've got a bit of a plot going on, which is promptly tossed up due to a misunderstanding between the girl who picked up Sherry and Rain and myself, and she ended up being kicked out because she was messing up OUR plot, and while it was a lame way of handling it, most Claire muns know, Sherry and Claire need to have a certain dynamic, and if the Sherry mun is more concerned with trying to convince the Weskermun that Wesker raped Sherry, that's sort of an issue.

Now, I personally think we could've handled it better, but what's past is past.

anyway, after this we brought in a new Sherry, and went about trying to write around what the old Sherrymun did (Because at this point her plot was stuck in canon, Claire and Leon had reacted, we had to go through with it) and the game was sort of very slowtiming at this point.

This was.. in the beginning of December. The game ran for a month.

A week into December I got the idea for a LOST game (differentpaths) I knew at this point Rain didn't bother reading my journal unless she personally wanted something from me, and figured I'd be safe if I pimped it on my journal. (At this point, I was starting to feel uncomfortable talking to her, too. She IM'd me all the time, bitched about everything, and tried to make me feel like shit along with her.)

Well, she found out about it, and was mad I hadn't told her directly. I brushed it off as spacing out and she said she wanted Ana-Lucia. I told her she had to audition, just like everyone else (I knew she hated writing Applications, I figured if I put a complicated application in, it'd scare her off. Plus, there was a delay into after Christmas. I was right, and that did scare her off.) and she said she'd audition AFTER Christmas, when the game was about to start.

Well, surprise surprise, someone else applied for Ana-Lucia. and the application was good.

So I accepted her into the game.

And then I left for a weekend with my Sister, because we couldn't all do Christmas together, since she had a new baby and they couldn't really get away for Christmas proper.

When I got back, I was greeted with this on one of my voice posts I made while driving to and from my sister's

ROTFL. There's a guy walking a goat? Holy fuck. DA DA DA DA DA. We need to talk, I feel like I might have fucked... up... everything. So I miss you. And yeah. -hearts- (Disregard the comment about a goat, I did make mention about a guy walking a goat in the voice post. Maine is a weird place.)

so, I signed onto AIM, and was promptly invited into the chatroom my friends and I usually chatter in, and Leonmun and Sherrymun promptly warned me to not talk to Rain.

Well, too late, she'd already IM'd me by the time they warned me. the following conversation was a fantastic barrage of passive-aggressive insults, bitching, and telling me to disreguard everything that Kacee and Jewels told me.

Well, considering I've known Kacee and Jewels going on three years, and I've known Rain all of a month and a few days?

Obviously, I'm going to trust my friends more than someone who insults me, then turns around and apologizes.

This is the AIM chatlog between Jewels and Rain, before I came back.
(Note that this happens on the day that I LEFT, and I'd been on the night before until two am.)



After all that, she basically CLOSED TTE while I was gone, and yeah. then she started harassing me, trying to get me to show her the application for Ana-Lucia to my game. Obviously I knew she'd pick it apart, try to convince me that she was the better Ana, blah blah blah.

So I signed off of my old SN, and never signed back on, switching to a new f-locked SN.

I stayed like that until January, and Leon's mun and I missed some of our interactions in to_the_end_rp. So we decided to go with an idea we'd originally been trying to hash out in TTE, but Rain had been more concerned with sex than plot, so she didn't really have the DRIVE to go for it.

that was when thelastescape was born, and I made a stupid mistake of demodding Rain from to_the_end_rp when I was creating it. She got the maintainer removal notifications and flipped her shit.

A post showed up on my Friends Only post, asking what the fuck was going on, so I blocked her username.

Then there was a barrage assault, five different usernames, all banned, emails, pestering people who weren't even INVOLVED in the game over AIM (My Sawyer player from differentpaths, and so on) and threatening Text Messages, via LJ's Texting feature. (basically one said 'you want to play this fucking game with me? I will make your life a living hell.) All the while Jillmun at CW (This was before CW was created) was telling me to keep documentation, and to consider filing a restraining order.

She also went around posting this to as many people as were watching TLE, plus in her own journal. Which is a hoot, since she stole her RP idea from Vero. Who played Steve in TLE.

And the idea for TLE was something Kacee and I had come up with in the first place, and only vaguely mentioned a few times while chatting with her.

This went on for a day and a half, before I signed onto my old SN, and managed to placate her. I figured everything would be fine, and I signed onto that SN semi-regularly for the next two days, before she forgot about me again and I just stopped bothering signing onto it.

things were quiet for quite a while, TLE ended up dying, CW started up, so on, so forth.

then as we started picking up popularity in canonwars, and we got ourselves a few movieverse characters...

Rain popped up on the journal of one of the mods. Trying to buddy up, be all peacey-nice. Exactly a day after I'd told one of the other mods to be careful and watch for applications from her, because it's the type of game she likes. Lack of rules about being dead, and all.

This is the result.

And this is us sort of LOLing about it

So, she never contacted me directly during that, but about a week after I got a comment on my Fonly post, asking me to Delete TTE.

Which I did, since I really didn't care at that point. I later un-deleted it since I wanted something off the comm, and decided that leaving it up would be a big fuck you to her. I'm sort of tempted to go in and do some editing to the userinfo.

Things went on peacefully for a while, and we were all happy in the land of canonwars and tripletriad and so on and so forth.

then about a month ago I got an email from her after returning from a visit to my sister's yet again (Wtf. what is it with this chick and going crazy while I'm visiting my SISTER?) saying that we needed to talk, and wanting to know when I'd be on AIM.

I obviously just deleted it, and she probably forgot she'd even sent it.

and things continued to be quiet, however I heard about things, and there was a MASSIVE post about her on bad_rpers_suck, which I was heavily involved in. that post is here. This resulted in the creation of rainbowsblow, which was a comm meant to collect everyone who had been tormented by this chick together so we could hash it out and get HEALING TO BEGIN. A day after this she IM'd me (Obviously too huge of a coincidence, but she was acting like she had NO IDEA ZOMG SKANDALLLL that people had posted in BRPS about her. Three times. Four now.)

She was very sugar fake nice to me and wanted to be friends, and it was pretty ridicioulous. I've got the log somewhere I'll upload it if I can find it.

So, after that she didn't contact me at all, however about a week or so later rainbowsblow was suspended, and I now have a permanent black mark on my record thanks to this bitch! I had planned on disputing it but I figured LJ wouldn't care, so.

After this, I did my damnedest to move on. And it was quiet, for the most part, although she did come out of the woodwork again, after I'd joined thisisarea42.

I was playing Kate Austen (trappedwings) there, and shortly after RE: Extinction was released on DVD I got bored and crazy and decided to try my hand at movie!verse Claire (brandmysoul)

Very shortly after this, we got ourselves an Ana-Lucia, who called herself Liliah, and who promptly imed me before even joining the game, telling me her friend was picking up Alice etc etc.

I IMMEDIATELY was wary and called for Vero to come save me which she did. For anyone who does not understand the depth of my affection for postman, let me say this now. She saves my shit. A lot. She is one of the best people I know :( And a good thing that came out of Kate's batfuck.

So, I figured I'd try and wait it out, see what she did. Well, she starts attacking my character (Kate, not Claire) in chat, saying how Ana is going to bitchslap Kate if Kate gets all "whiny."

For anyone who has seen Lost, you know Kate is anything but whiny. I asked her to clarify, and she said "oooh jack, ooh sawyer i can't pick wah wah wah" or something to that effect. Which pretty much hacked me RIGHT off. Assuming shit about someone else's character is not cool, okay. She also made a bunch of other really creepy comments towards me, and I just stopped going into chat. And then I dropped out of the game altogether, one because I was growing out of the crack, and two because she was there.

Things were quiet for another few months, and stupid me, I decided to go venture forth into a Resident Evil game where I didn't know people again. I figured I'd be safe on a game with a forum outside of LJ, right?

oh how wrong I was.

So the game actually closed pretty quickly after that, and she didn't message me or anything after that, which I was glad for.

Another few months go by, to the beginning of this month. she found my journal and comments on it, inviting me to join a game she'd created.

I ignore this, the post may actually be deleted by now I didn't check.

she leaves me alone all this month AND THEEEEEN



And then she harassed a lot of people I know in the RE circle, yzak included, and posted twice with her lame-ass characters in thedressinglabs which makes me sad since now I'm afraid to post there. Which I had actually been considering sometime in the immediate future.

and then she reserved Angela at Daisychain.

And while it seems like the Degeneration game she wanted to make didn't hash out right she must have found some other unsuspecting prey, because she's got another project.

Aaaaaaand now we are caught up. Happy New Year, Varis! May it be full of batshit every few months like the past three years have been! 8D

yup so that's the whole thing. for me, anyway. everyone has their own stories. This one's mine. Now I'm going to go hide.

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And I actually forgot to mention during the period of time in which we were modding TTE together she showed me the journal of one of her former alices, whom had been dumb enough to give Kate her password. And then, she went into the journal, and vandalized the fuck out of the graphics and everything on there.

And I know she tried to hack my email at one point. So lol 8D

Okay, after this? schizophrenic is kind of my hero.

I will say now that-- well first one of my friends from CFUD plays Alice in thedressinglabs and despite her not remembering much of the movie and needing to rewatch it to remember things, she played with her a little bit and even SHE who didn't remember much was just like "wtf?"

But okay back to my point now. Please please don't let her stop you from posting there! I 100% approve of ignoring anybody you are not comfortable with and of course by no means do you have to reply to her EVER. And if she ever bothers you oocly or anything that I will ban her ass faster than ... something really fast.

But oh wow this whole story. Oh woooooooooow. x_x; I am sorry you have to deal with that. [hugs a lot!]

Yeah I'll get over it in a bit, I've learned to just keep on trucking and not worry about her coming back because she does always go away again! Even if she always comes back, there's still that three months where I won't have to put up with her!

Honestly it's kind of funny in a really sad way.

.... :<

Hold still, Var. I'm going to flip your Batshit Magnet switch back into the off position.


Yeah I'd forgotten about that one.

... Good lord...

That girl is fucking psycho, but you knew that already >_>;

You'd think people would like.. get a clue or something...

Many have tried to give her a clue but all have failed :(

I keep forgetting how far her reach is aaaaghhh.

Did I ever tell you that my ex-girlfriend, who I DID NOT MEET THROUGH RP, LET ALONE RESIDENT EVIL RP, encountered Kate, too? P. sure Anna played either Alice or Jill in one of Kate's many failed games. That... creeped me out a lot. :|

Also I've never been more proud of my creepy stalker tendencies. :')

It's kind of impressive. She's like the holy grail of creepy internet stalkers.

And again, your tendencies off-set hers and I'm almost as bad since whenever I see a Rain posting ANYWHERE I start snooping.


-just holds you in a way a big brother would- =( Don't worry, Var. I'll save you from the bitch.

I remember playing in CW when all that drama started happening. Sooo crazy. I'm surprised she actually hasn't come to any of the RE people you play with--me included--and harassed them.

Either way. Bitch is crazy and needs to get away.

I don't think she ever caught wind of indesolution, and she obviously got scared off quickly when she tried to join canonwars, so, that would explain why she didn't harass too many of us THERE.

I'm assuming she hasn't started harassing any of the other RE players at daisychainrpg because she again got distracted by something else, ooor she just hasn't figured out who plays what. I mean she already imed me, but not about DC, so. idk. She might want to harass Lance since she plays Leon, but lucky for Lance she's almost never online when this bitch has her prime hours.

Good lord, this fucking troll needs to just STOP. She sounds completely fucking out of her damn mind. @.@;

So many people have tried to tell her to gtfo and she just keeps coming back. Honestly I think the only reason she hasn't killed herself over a game yet is because IRL she's too big of a wimp to do it.


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