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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
five more seconds;
I'm sitting here watching Queer Eye, and all of a sudden a Diet Coke commercial comes on. You know who the Celeberty Flavor of the month is, or whatever? Adrian Brody. He's walking through this commercial with little coke bubbles following him and bouncing. At one point he is FROLICKING through the street.

...That just made my day. XD

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The wonderful knitmeapony finds the best and most obvious things. Resolution kinda sucks, but it's the commercial! =D! *Has it on loop*

The cutest part is his little grin to the "Hey Brody!" at the beginning.

In my mind, eneway.

*Koffs innocently at new icon* *Halo*

Mmm, Adrien Brody. My Elyias is tres amused.

*Snicker* Elyias was the first thing I thought of during the commercial too. XD! I was like '....Wow. they need to invent Diet Coke in Checkmate.' Katrina figures that's why Elyias is so cranky. Because he has no Diet Coke to make him happy and frolicky.

XD One of the reasons why he is so cranky is because he doesn't like his business to be minded by others (even if they are fellow Tarots) and quite so blatantly either. As easy-going as he can be, Elyias is STILL a rather private man, with his great number of secrets, dark and otherwise.

The second reason is rather more personal and, up until I get time to catch one of the Chris in-room, unstated.

Which is why Katrina's personality is all like *CLASH* with his. She's got that overly-observant-but-not-always-right thing. 'Speaks her mind' is the technical term, although she's kind of impulsive so that never bodes well. Hence why she keeps making the dolls that get taken away.

People have been veeeery busy this week. I think it's one of the signs of the Apocolypse, but I say that about everything, so my observations don't mean much. XD

stupid effin' cd-rom not working.

anyway. Kat's like from the Cups deck? Because that WILL explain a lot.

Boil the CD-Rom.

Wands, actually. XD

okay, then that's totally weird. Because Swords and Wands are supposed to get along very well with each other (see Elyias and Dakirea). Which is maybe why he merely confiscates the dolls without any grouchy rebuke.

....because NONE OF YOU has ever seen Elyias truly GROUCHY and ANTI-SOCIAL yet. Oooooh. *waggly fingers* *mwahaha* Elyias is so evil. *koff*

Well, there are the weird ones in every family. How well does he get on with Zaki? She's more out there than Katrina is. Although, I suppose they all have that sense of 'dundundunforeboding!' which gets them all aligned into 'RARR!TAROT!' mode.

....Is it sad that I just pictured like.. POWER RANGERS! TAROT FORCE! *POSE!*

So long as Zaki doesn't actually PROBE into his personal business, Elyias is fine, really. But then, I haven't exactly had him around Zaki much, but initial interaction seems to have them on good terms, especially since they both hail from Backgammon.

*rarr now at the stoopid scanner* bleh.

Personal business=Off Limits. *Nods* I have no characters that understand that. Except Alambil.

....Your office equipment sucks Joie. Boil it all.

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