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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Well, I've really been like Not in a Computer Mood today.

I mean, it's been on since I woke up, but I've spent the entire day in my parents' bedroom watching TV/DVDs

I also don't think I'll be able to watch the fireworks, as the trees are for some reason REALLY FUCKING HUGE! and there is only two ways for me to see the fireworks. Climb up onto the roof of the third floor which will NOT happen, as I'm not climbing up a ladder at ten o'clock at night. No fucking way. OR I could walk the two miles to where the fireworks are being shot off. Which is another no way, because again, TEN O'CLOCK. people may not realize this, but Brewer can be a REALLY fucking sketchy place after dark. Espically down my way, because we get out of suburban and into the more rural parts where the axe murderers and the moose and the druggies and the sketchy goth kid live.

...So yeah. If I can't see the fireworks from the second story roof outside the computer room, or through the window on the Third floor, I won't be watching fireworks this year. Just hear them. Which is kinda okay, because I like the big booms.


u__U I like the colors better though. Although, the Brewer show is hardly as spetacular as the show out at camp. =/ if I could drive, I could go out there for the show, then come back in, and not have to worry about it. *Siiiighs*