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five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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(no subject)
two sides of a coin;
okay costume!

(also I ended up coming home. stupid contacts were hurting my eyes and I was getting tired besides. I HAVE OBVIOUSLY SOBERED UP.)

mandatory "before" image.

and the after.

me and geri. nicole took a bad pic, so it's impossible to see her freaky cat-eyes, but uh, yeah. she's an rpd cop that's slightly mutated 8D

group picture. and the only one that i got a shot of my whole costume.

pics i took for the sake of it when i got home. posing is fun

obligatory "art pose" i'd find the image that's posed like this for the nurse but i am lazy

ohhh idk.

closeup 1. that hat? that is a paper hat i made at the last minute. it was a pain in the ass to keep on and if i ever wear this costume to a con or something i'm going to take the time to make a real hat.

closeup 2. yay me

Yeah so I had fun. up until the end when I got kind of bored, but that's what happens. I somehow got sandwiched in between the two most boring people at the party so yeah. XD

I got a lot of compliments on my costume, so that was great. Huge ego boost when people were all like "BEST COSTUME I'VE EVER SEEN" and a few people actually recognized I was a nurse from Silent Hill, so that was cool.

I actually had a lot of fun wearing it. Even if I've got splochy marks on my skin and my pores are going to be traumatized for the next few days.

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That costume is awesome. And I ttly would not have known that was a last-minute paper hat from the pictures. :O It looks good!

Thanks :3 I was actually glad the hat turned out pretty real, especially since I uh, followed the tutorial to make a paper nurse hat upside down? I made another one the right way though and I didn't like the way it looked as much (although it probably would've set better on my head e_e

... that wig is actually kind of awesome on you. VAR, IF YOU EVER DECIDE TO GO CRAZY AND HACK OFF YOUR HAIR, GET THAT CUT AND DYE.

I was actually considering it. Only problem is my hair is so thick, and so wavy, I'd have to like, straighten and mousse the fuck out of my hair every day. And I am lazy :(

Yeah, lol. I have a super sexy a-line and it always looks like crap because I can't be fucked to do my hair ever.

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