five more seconds;

we stopped time;

to chase these truths

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five more seconds;
Transcript posted on Interview with Jewel Staite. This is just a TINY excerpt from it, which is making me headdesk right now.

Q: You were saying how Fox doesn't want it to go to any other network or anything like that. How long do they have the rights for umm say...

Jewel: 10 years. >>collective GASP<<

Q: 10 years??

Jewel: 10 years. But, it doesn't say anything about the movies. So, we can do as many movies as we want. You know, I mean we can wait the 10 years, just keep making movies.

Q: You can make 3 or 4 movies in 10 years...

Jewel: Yeah, so, you know, I mean who cares. If I just hope they watch it and they're kicking themselves. I hope they watch it and they're like >>rolls eyes<< "Ohhh, now I get it" >>general laughter<< "That's what they mean. I like the horses." >>more general laughter<< {*reference to earlier question I didn't tape referring to Fox not understanding why there were horses in the show*}

.....FUCKING FOX. So, basically, there is NO way they'll be able to make Firefly come back if Fox doesn't want it back, ANYTIME in the near future. This irritates me. A LOT. Because Fox is a STUPID network. Firefly would probably have been better off, even on the WB. Which is saying a LOT. ¬¬


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